Please read and sign ... Grace had a scarey fall ...

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  • darkuncle29

    Grace, I'm so glad you are ok after falling in the snow.

  • mouthy

    WOW!!!!!WOW!!!! What a wake up message ...It is 8.40 Friday A.M.
    Took two 292 & was able to sleep. But what a great blessing to read
    all your comments .Some on here I haven't seen for a long time ( Eddie?)
    I remember you from PA....I laughed ! I cried at some of everyone's comments.
    I truly feel like I am around family!!! Imagine when the DF me they said
    I wouldn't have a friend.... Little did they know that even though I didn't
    see Jesus come invisibly invisible friends let me see their postings.
    O.K. Now I will do all that was suggested.except the boots,I have special boots
    for my R.A..& I don't plan on going out on my own in the snow...But the lifeline
    I will get ...Please I want you all to know!!!!!How very kind you all are .I cant answer
    each & every one individually but A whopping big & To you all

    Mouthy Grace

  • BluesBrother

    So glad that you have recovered OK , Grace....Take care now

  • mouthy

    Thanks Blue!!


    Mouthy is recovered?

    I was getting used to life,outside my room..

    This isn`t fair..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • mouthy

    Don't worry OUTLAW!!!Even if I do kick the bucket ..YOU are SURE to get a visit from ME!!!
    I will be all in white floating above your bed IN YOUR ROOM!!!!


    Don't worry OUTLAW!!!Even if I do kick the bucket ..YOU are SURE to get a visit from ME!!!
    I will be all in white floating above your bed IN YOUR ROOM!!!! .....Mouthy

    [email protected](((Mouthy)))!!..

    I`m happy your better..We need our Granny Grace..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • mouthy


  • BizzyBee

    Take it easy, old girl. We need you around here......

  • AGuest

    Oh, Lordy, dear Grace (the greatest of love and peace to you!)... my heart took a great jump! I know you were as careful as you knew to be at the time. We almost never see falls coming and once you're on your way down... well, you're on your way down. Nothing can be done until you hit the floor/ground. I am SO glad, however, that you were able to get back up! Have you seen... or at least called... your doctor? If not, please consider doing that - just a brief "checkin" to make sure "everything" is okay! Falls can "hide" things, sometimes... and no one here wants that for you. Please, consider letting him/her know.

    Also, do you live in a managed facility? If so, you should let them know right away, if they maintain the grounds, because they should take care to make sure walks are clear and de-iced. I am not sure if they are liable, but I am sure they will keep a better look out if you let them know (I am assuming here, that you were on your way to an onsite laundry - I could be wrong, of course!).

    Falls aren't funny, dear one, and should be taken seriously, so as everyone else has encouraged, please... please... take care. We want you to be here for a long time to come and would be devastated if something untimely "happened" to you. Praise JAH you "heard" the Spirit... and chose to listen... and get up. May JAH bless... and keep you, dear lady.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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