Debunking the Watchtower - Slam Dunks and Solid Arguments

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    Being a good person, and being productive in our communities and through any internatioanl groups we choose to be affiliated with comes from our own altruism. And that is proving to be a very good thing all on its own merits.

    That is an excellent position, dear designs (again, peace to you!). It fulfills the words, "When the people of the nations do, by nature, the things of the Law... they are a law... unto themselves." Unfortunately, Israel, the Household of God, repeatedly showed... and shows still... that they need to be GIVEN a law... because they tend to demonstrate that they don't have it written on their hearts.

    That "law" was given first through Moses... and later, through Christ.

    Note, however, this applies to Israel who belong to God through Christ... and those who go with them (including those of the nations)... and not to the nations who don't, per se.

    Again, I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • designs


    Have you tried setting up a public discussion forum or debate with an Official Representative from the Watchtower Society such as a DO, CO or even a Bethel member depending on where you live.

    Greg Stafford has standing invitations to members of the Society and the Evangelical community to go anywhere anytime and discuss issues.

  • JunkYardDog

    Hi Nick' heres a site that has some of the craziest things the wts ever taught. it's very deep.

  • Nickolas

    designs, is there a precedent?

    Have you tried setting up a public discussion forum or debate with an Official Representative from
    the Watchtower Society such as a DO, CO or even a Bethel member depending on where you live.....Designs

    Even if you were able to set up a discussion..

    Your fate would be pre-determined before a word was ever spoken..

    You are either Pro WBT$ or you are the Enemy of the WBT$..There is no Grey Area in Watchtower World..

    Disagreeing with the WBT$ will mark you..

    Making a Big Deal about Disagreeing with the WBT$..

    With a D/O, C/O,P/O,Elder or any Loyal JW,will put a "Target on your Back"..

    The word to remember is..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • designs

    Not in a long time, the Society tried to back off of the Debate type of situations even telling Elders not to get into public debates, but I was thinking in your case where you want to be proactive, as they say, in addressing issues with the Society it might be worth a phone call or certified letter and see if you can set something up.



    Once Nickolas is determined to be a "Detriment" to his "Wifes Spiritual Welfare"..

    Everything possible will be done to remove him from his Mrs..

    No Stone will be Left Unturned..No Trick will be Too Dirty..

    Sabotage will come from Anywhere and Everywhere..

    Watchtower World is a Grave Yard of Broken Families..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • designs

    We should pass the hat and take up a collection for his Asbestos Suit, he'll need it.

  • Heaven

    I have been saying things for years that have hit home with my parents and they still remained in da troof. It seems, the older they are, and the more time they have invested, the harder it is for them to accept that they bought into a pack of lies. I know with my Dad he has enormous pride that cannot accept the facts for what they are. He has a very difficult time admitting he is wrong... about anything.

  • wannabefree

    I agree with Outlaw and Heaven and that side of the fight.

    I have expressed doubts to my wife, her response wasn't to consider anything I said, but to try and notch up her own spirituality and trying hard to spiritually influence the children. Apparently perceiving a change in my attitude, an elder has also been trying to bolster my kid's and wife's spirituality.

    An attack on the Watchtower won't take it down. Obvious attacks only bolster the faith of those feeling persecuted. Jehovah's Witnesses whole heartedly believe they are the only people in the world persecuted for being Christ's followers. This is a war for the heart of individuals, it is a personal war and I think can only be won as long as you can remain close and personal. An obvious attack will make you the enemy and then everything that can be done to influence your loved ones to remove that threat will be done in the name of God.

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