When Was The Last Time You Went To A Meeting?

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  • geevee

    I say congratulations to us all, whether is has been a long time or only a short one. Really the long time starts with a short one!!

    Personally, it has now been 5 years..... 5 YEARS!!!!! Awesome!! AWESOME!!!...

    The book study conductor was saying that victims of pedophiles that had been on TV here in Australia in 2005 were all liars and apostates! I disagreed said so, stood up and walked out! That was it.

    My family and I do NOT go to memorials, we don't want anyone to get their hopes up that we might come back. If we have to go to a funeral, and that is getting closer, parents getting old and armageddon hasn't come so they WILL die in this old system!!!!!!! we are prepared to go for that and that only.

    But it is fantastic to not be doing any of that bs any more.

  • jookbeard

    tail end of 1992 but missing the memorial has be held as just as an important milestone as the last meeting, my last memorial was 1994, and a very brief visit to the DC that year then finished, we wont speak about this years memorial when I partook (clears throat nervously)

  • Loz&Coz

    Can someone please exaclty tell us what is a meeting :) we really want to know!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I had to look up a post from 2 years ago where I updated my story to that point. Wow a lot has changed since then.

    Last FS: Dec 2006.

    Last FS Report: August 2007. (phantom reports 2007).

    Last DC: Summer 2007.

    Last meeting at a Kingdumb Hell: September 23, 2007.

    Freedom: September 24, 2007 -- Priceless.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • EmptyInside

    July 22, 2010, but I better make a showing this Sunday.

  • yesidid

    Last meeting July 2002.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    July 18th 2010, I only truly went because it was the CO's visit and I was hoping beyond hope that he would change something with the baby rapist in the hall, how stupid of me of course nothing has changed expect the baby rapists is loved more than ever.

  • villabolo

    I had been disfellowshipped for Apostasy on December of 1980.

    Soon after, I had joined a telephone tree of ex-Jws (it was before the Internet days). It was somewhat like the Internet, you just called someone up and chatted. The usual tale of woes. I didn't realize, though, how it was affecting me.

    One night I called an ex-elder in Maine that I used to talk with whenever I felt down. He told me, though, that he really wasn't in the mood to talk. He had just been back from the home of a disfellowshipped girl who had attempted to commit suicide by slashing her wrists and was exhausted from cleaning up her blood.

    I knew what I had to do. I went to the Memorial. Waited for the non ceremony to be over. Walked up to the cheap fold out table where the emblems had been placed. Grabbed the table by one leg and tipped it over. Plates and glasses sliding off onto the floor.

    That was my last meeting. Don't miss them at all.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Last meeting - January 6th 2010, last day in FS - December 5th 2009.

    Simon Morley

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    12 years ago


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