When Was The Last Time You Went To A Meeting?

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  • minimus

    It IS uncomfortable to sit through the aggravation of hearing bullshit and others around you taking all in like it's a filet mignon.

  • JeffT

    Last meeting in a KH was some time in the spring of 1988, went to the DC that summer in the Tacoma Dome. Haven't been back since.

  • dandingus

    2009 District Convention. I went for Sunday morning only.

    The last time I went to a normal meeting was November 2004. But I'm thinking of checking out the new format one day out of curiosity.

  • WTWizard

    The last time I saw the inside of a Kingdumb Hell live was in June 2005, when I did my last field circus. The last time I went for a boasting session was to reject Jesus in 2005. Before that, it was in December 2004 when the boasting session got cancelled without notifying us because the heat in the back room was dead. Sometime in the fall of 2004 was my last successful boasting session attendance aside the REJECT Jesus Party 2005.

    And, it was spring of 2004 the last time I attended anything other than a book study. I attended that boasting session where they discussed the 5:30 in the morning meetings for street work, and having children meeting for field circus immediately after school (forget your damn homework). I do not remember attending a boasting session, other than book studies, since then.

  • truthseekeriam

    Summer 2009

  • VampireDCLXV

    For me it was a DC in June 2009. I was visting out of town family after being absent from meetings for a few months at home. I refused to go to memorials 'cuz that when you are expected to show up. That's the time of year when the malingerers and weaklings show up and I hate being seen in that light. I didn't want to be swarmed and love bombed by half the crowd and have the other half look and point and give me dirty looks and talk about me behind my back. (Phew, thats quite a run-on sentence)

    Anyhoo; about the convention. I was there to be away from my congregation's assigned convention slot so I wouldn't have to see many of the peeps from home. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. So many people from home that I didn't want to see. I didn't want to stop and chat. I just wanted to be left alone. My family got upset at me because I was avoiding ppl. I was fearing they were going to gang up on me intervention style. The convention program wasn't so great for me either, then again I wasn't paying much attention. That was it for me.


  • Black Sheep
  • Violia

    1996 really, but I took a family member ( sunday only) until 02. I attended a memorial in 03 and never looked back after that. I would balance my checkbook , wear sunglasses and sleep or stick a paperback in my Bible ( anything so I could not hear that crap coming off the platform). Later a poster here invented Bullsh*t Bigno. Wish I had known about that then. It would have been so much fun and made being at the meetings slightly bearable.

  • Poztate

    1981.. I walked out at the hall before the meeting after a CO could not give me a reason for the change about DF'd relatives.

    Compare 1974 beliefs (probably Ray Franz) with inspired with the "New Light"™ of 1981.

    To be completely honest I attended Memorial with my wife until a few years ago just to keep peace in the family.

    NO MORE...

  • Violia

    I stopped FS in the mid to late 80's. I would not help them any longer destroy anyone elses life. It just took a lot longer to physically leave the hall, and a lot longer to mentally leave.

    woops, I forgot, I did attend a funeral this year. It was a must do thing. ( someone I loved) thank goodness the speaker did not turn it into an infomercial.

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