what was the worst advice given to you while you were a JW ?

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  • jaguarbass

    The worst advice I got was not go to college. They even took it one step further and told me to get no education at

    all. I graduated in 71 four years before the big A. I was told I would be wasting my time and money

    and armegedon would be here before I graduated.

    Then in 81 the light that gets brighter and brighter started vacilating and for a brief time the tower relaxed and

    jw's were allowed to carry guns and be policemen, so I became a deputy sherriff then the light changed again

    and we were no longer able to carry guns so I took their bad advice and quit the sherriffs department.

    I would have been retired for several years now.

    I was a bad advice magnet. Since leaving the tower in 83. I dont listen to anybody anymore.

  • God_Delusion

    I was told that I had to close my eyes and thank an imaginary friend each and every time I decided to eat something and before going to bed.

  • sacolton

    Elder: "Quit your career and go to Bethel."

    Me: "No."

  • leavingwt


    True, even men in the world get around to protect the opposite sex from me.

    Would you like to elaborate on why it's necessary for JWs and and non-JWs to protect their women folk from you?

  • dogisgod

    You can't divorce your gay husband because he is repentant and if you do you will be disfellowshipped. You also cannot tell anyone about this because you would hurt his reputation.

  • jam

    Do not take your Brother to court. I sold my business to A brother. Others (not JW) had offer to buy my

    business, money in hand. He heard from others in the cong. that I was selling my business, he came to

    me and beg me to sale him my business. He had no money to invest, so I work out A deal with him.

    You can start paying me after three months.

    Did not receive one dime.Went to the Brothers and they told me, you can not take your brother too court.

    Then the brother told the friends in his cong. that I should have gave him the business for free, because I did not need the money.

  • Podobear

    My worst advice was probably my best advice, I turned my lemon into lemonade:

    Having given up a good education (jumped a year at high school and was scheduled to go to University a year ahead of normal age of entry), I was told by a Bethel Elder "Your problem is You're All Heavenly and No Earthly Good", promptly followed by a barracking in front of the congregation by a MS : "Stop spongeing off the rest of us and go get a proper job", followed by a discourse to the congregation by the DO (who was a qualified Architect - self taught whilst pioneering no doubt) about the follow of leaving School with insufficient qualifications to support ourselves through life.

    My Bible closed, and I have attended 3 memorials in 24 years, out of an ebbing sense of loyalty.

    It has been hard turning this ship around and have almost capsized on many occasions, but I obtained a BSc 15 years ago, have my own private practice (in a profession allied to medicine), will never retire but try to keep healthy day by day to defeat my late on set diabetes. Have battled through Prostate Cancer scare this year and facing amputation, have managed to lose 103 lbs and isolate the cause aggrevating my diabetes and causing my weight gain. [White flour.. bleached bread, pasta, rice cf; Alloxan and the poisonous effects on the Pancreas] Currently spearheading the Diabetic Support group in our city.

    Determined to defeat that mantras in my mind, by showing these idiots that people need more than the Word of God to live on.. and that God helps those who help themselves.

    Bitter, Defeated? No way. Angry? YES... Kids, especially, if you are reading this "Look after Yourself", find your way, and if the JW way is still your chosed path, make sure you have the walking boots of life firmly laced up ... less you become foot loose like many of the generation of '75.

    Hope you don't mind the outburst, folks.


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Before 1996:

    Dont go to serve alternative service, its better for you to go to prison.

    If you serve alternative service (cleaning in a hospital) you violate Bible laws on neutrality.


  • DaCheech

    jam, had plenty of those in my congo.

    one sister begged a brother for a loan so she could put downm payment on house............ never got it.......... guess what elders said!

    one brother lent an elder a big sum, elder denied, years later was taken off, and brother years later is still short $15k, guess what elders said?

    I would never lend, go in busienss, or hire any of them!

  • wantstoleave

    CHG....I can sympathise with you on the ex leaving you with debt. Same happened to me. Fortunately I had caring elders who told me to make sure I sought legal advice to make sure the children and I were ok. Thankfully their concern was what was in my best interests and they didn't even blink an eye when I divorced him .

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