what was the worst advice given to you while you were a JW ?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    A C.O. told me that mixed-race couples don't do well 'in the truth.' I should consider breaking off the engagement.

    As an M.S., the elder and pioneer along with his wife pioneer that I had 'studied' with told me it was a waste of time and energy to get a G.E.D. .
    Much later, when I was an elder, more elders told me I was 'not keeping my eye simple' as I pursued a career that would provide a decent income and retirement. They also counseled about my wife going to college part-time.

    I never listened to any of this. Good thing.

  • WingCommander

    Reading all of these replies made me immediately think of something in the Bible where Jesus spoke of the bad shephards that would come after Him, ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing, burdening and beating down the flock.

    Why would Jesus want to complicate and make your life even harder? Did not He and YHWH God give you talents, abilities, and intelect so that you could aspire to be more then a window washer? Jesus said "My yoke is kindly and my load is light," yet the Elders would have you pulling a cart like a mule if they could, and basically you are if you allow yourself to be kept stupid and uneducated, and working 50 hours a week + meetings + field service. What a colossal crook of shit!!!

    The advice you've all recieved I've heard told to myself, my parents, or others in the congregation.

    You gotta love how the rich business owner Elders will stand up at the podium and condemn education, big houses, nice cars, and education when they have some or all of the previously mentioned. Elder in my current congregation, owns a pole building business. Built it up himself, no problem there. Total little smart-ass, and carries an actual WAD of cash around. Sold his nice size home after he built a brand-new gigantic mansion home next to a cemetary. (yeah, creeepy I know). Guess he's ready to house and preach to the resurrected ones in the New Order, huh???? My wife, a non-JW is disgusted at his fake sincerity and showy display of his means - and she's not even a JW!!! My, what a fine witness HE is???

    - Wing Commander

  • wasblind

    2 thessalonians 3:10 states: "If anyone does not want to work ,neither let him eat."

    It shows in the Bible through pauls counsel the importance of having a job.

  • wobble

    "Stay close to the Organization".

  • moshe

    From an elder in 1973- "quit your union apprenticeship, sell your house and you and your wife should become pioneers" ( I am getting a nice pension from that trade today)

    The elder who gave me that advice is now 63 years old and he and his wife are still doing contruction/handyman work (self employed)- whatever they have in retirement will be provided to them by Caesar- you know he has been preaching for 40 years that God's kingdom was going to destroy the earthly governments and now it is going to take care of him in his old age.

  • wasblind

    " God's kingdom was going to destroy the earthly governments and now it is going to take care of him in his old age. "

    HA HA, Truer words have never been spoken.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    My JW husband took off and left me holding the bag of cars, our house, & credit card bills ($90,000 that there was no way I could pay for & the items were repo'd) & I wanted to get a divorce....

    the elders told me "don't do that now, you just need to wait on Jehovah & be patient for things to work out"

    A year later, the mortgage company and car loan people were going to take me to court & garnish my wages- I got my divorce & declared bankrupsy- made me a marked person but that year of agony was the worst advise ever- why did I think they were qualified to be my financial planners?????


  • LostGeneration

    Man CHG, what a joke those elders were. Its just such a pile of bull that whenever there isn't at WT article on how to deal with a situation (like a loser taking off leaving his wife with a boatload of debt and problems) their answer is to do nothing (wait on Jehovah) Is that really the solution to everything in life....do nothing....Its like saying "No, no, don't use your brain and do what any rational person would do...wait for the skydaddy to swoop in and save your a$$"

  • WingCommander

    "Wait on Jehovah" is the end all, be all answer to anything that the dufos, uneducated, untrained Elders use to get someone off their back when they don't have a useful answer.

    They are utterly useless, worse then useless - they are an utter burden upon the very sheep they are supposed to be shepharding. No REAL help with anything, but God forbid you're caught out on a date with someone, then they can't move quick enough to round of a Judicial Committee to Disfellowship your sorry ass!!!

    See any similarities to the Pharisees?

    - Wing Commander

  • jamiebowers

    @Dark Side:

    Be a better wife, and wait on Jehovah while I was being beaten, kicked and strangled by my jw husband.
    They had us coming and going

    LOL, yes, I guess they did. I used to think the borg favored men, but I've heard so many stories like your's that I've come to the conclusion that the borg favors only people who will to submit to it to the death.

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