what was the worst advice given to you while you were a JW ?

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  • wantstoleave

    Hmm there are too many to list!

    1. Don't finish highschool....the end is near, get a job and get married (thankfully I DID finish h/school, went to University AND worked).

    2. Burn any books so and so gave to you ('worldly' people).

    3. You can't wear that skirt, but bathers are fine at the beach (wth? You see MORE in a pair of bathers than in a skirt!).

    4. Don't think about University, the end will be here before you complete and you could be spending time in service (I still went to Uni!).

    5. No more holes in your ears!! (I still went and had that 3rd piercing).

    6. Worldly men are only after sex, resist their advances (maybe if I HAD been with a 'worldly' man I would be happily married now instead of divorced from a dip wad witness!).

  • wasblind

    "dip wad witness!)."

    LOL, gotta use that one

  • wasblind

    welcome robson

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Don't go to University

    Quit your job so that you can spend more time in service

    Shun your friend

    Don't go to that Rock Concert

    Wait on Jehovah

    Trust the brothers of the GB

    and now...

    Return to jehovah

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Back around 1990, I was married with 4 kids. Working hard and providing my family with a good life. My kids were in school and my then wife was a full time pioneer.

    My house was a pig sty. My kids ate cereal for dinner at least twice a week. Dirty clothes piled high in all the closets. Dirty dishes in the sink. The wife's life was her religion.

    Eventually, I had enough and late one night I went to talk to the presiding elder. He was a personal friend of mine. I asked him what I could do to get my wife to take care of her responsibilities. I told him I was tired of busting my ass while she spent most of her time on hers.

    He told me this: I am responsible for my family. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had to concentrate on my husbandly/fatherly duties. Getting us to meetings and out in service. Praying and having home bible studies. I had to take the lead.

    I asked him how that was going to get the house, clothes and dishes clean.

    He said, "When your wife realizes that you and your kids are sitting at the meeting in dirty underwear, maybe she will change. Regardless, you have to do what you have to do".

    I asked, "So I have all the responsibility and no authority"?

    He said, "yes".

    I left the lazy bitch and the fucked up religion 3 weeks later. Never went back to either of them

  • jamiebowers

    Be a better wife, and wait on Jehovah while I was being beaten, kicked and strangled by my jw husband.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Be a better wife, and wait on Jehovah while I was being beaten, kicked and strangled by my jw husband.

    They had us coming and going

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    "always rely on jehovah"

    Covers a broad spectrum of advice. But a crock of shit nonetheless.

    Cheeses. All of us are atheists about most gods. Some of us just go one god further.

  • Quillsky

    Spend three nights a week in "bible" study with "the friends".

    (More like "Spend 40% of your free time in self-indoctrination.")


    Hey Robson - welcome

    Now that you are at school quit it and never think about going back.
    I listened and quit my A-levels

    Pioneer. I listened and wasted my early years on becoming demotivated.

    When going to a job interview explain you're a JW and give a good witness about how it's the most important thing in your life so you won't do overtime or get involved socially. It was in the middle of a bad recession and I had no qualifications so I guess that advice really made me stand out from other candidates. Stand out like a loser. I didn't get the job.


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