Is it unacceptable to stand up for Jehovah's Witnesses on a site called Jehovah'

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  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    We get decent JW`s and we get Assholes..

    Is it unfair to Measure an Asshole with his own Yardstick?..

    Should an Asshole be able to just walk right in and push people around?..

    Don`t minimilize the damage these people do,to vulnerable,damaged posters..

    They are Preditors looking for Victims..

    English classes still available

  • bohm

    Personally i dont mind them that much, not even the more trollish of them -- though i do think they deserve to be rediculed if they are not making sence.

    Now, alice - like KS said, she began to tell pedophile victims they was liars. Thats crossing the line, and IMHO she deserve whatever she gets after that. This is also a recovery forum, and i think they are the most important posters.

    By the way OUTLAW, it seem you have the spinash stuck between your teeth as well!

    English classes still available.....Dark Side

    Two misspelled words and the self-appointed Spelling Police show up..LOL!!..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • cantleave

    Let them be. Whether it be the Perry's aor the rolls of this world they have a right to present their case however ill informed or controversial.


    I posted "Why are you here, Bane", but I think I can get the Gladiator's point.

    Thank you dgp. It was a good thread. I did post on it and attempted to explain to Bane that most JWs had been encouraged to apostatize from other religions, so the JW movement is made up of apostates. Naturaly he did not reply.

    Think About It
    The above quote by Keyser was very well put.

    Yes. Keyser Soze always makes worthwhile comments. I share many of his views.

    I asked to be educated and I am taking all this in!

  • darkuncle29

    I think there is also just a general increase in the lack of civility in society, but I think your question "Is this the best way to be handling these people?" is valid. I know there are many here who have been severly traumatized in the past with JW religion or out right abuse, and I think that perhaps such wounded souls for their own healing should not engage the Borg defenders. Also when people do engage in emotional reactive responses, its really not usually productive, never brings the other into understanding of their viewpoint, and just gets people emotionally sick. Then there are the people who deliberatly bait wounded or emotionally prone people jsut to screw with them. IMO those are the Trolls.

    I am not saying emotions are wrong; I am not saying feeling passionatly about something is wrong; i am saying "Know thyself", your limits, your buttons, your issues, and consider before responding to people that piss you off, "Why am I responding to this", "What in me is resonating with what they said?", "Will what i say and how I say it be of any true use to others?"

    I have an idea related to this that I just can't seem to organize, basically we all have our talents and temperments, some should get into the discussion and others should just stay the hell out...{POORLY worded, trying to get the concept without the layer of negative}

    I think about issues regarding emotional communication often, I have family members whose very nature is to automatically get emotional and over react. They LOVE a good argument and heated discussion, and are "right" even when they are wrong. They get over their huff in a few minutes, and then can actually admit that they were wrong, but in the mean time I am still sick to my stomach with emotional turmoil. My natural state is one of calm, I prefer to take problems or issues and gently pull them apart, dispassionatly , logic has its place but so do intuition and feeling.

    On here, I usually just ignore the people that irk me, as usually someone else will say to them something way better than I could. But my emotions do get the better of me at times.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    while people like Perry, who rant on with pages of controversial drivel, are considered acceptable?

    One of our 'never a JW' posters noted that Perry was being attacked a couple of days ago, but then apologised when he realised that Perry wasn't being attacked at all. Posters were only debating the subject. There is nothing 'personal' attached to that. It might be taken as being personal by some, as describing debating a belief as an attack on your character is a primary device used by cult leaders to protect their members from having to defend an indefencible position.

    We shouldn't fall into that trap ourselves. We should be on the watch for it in ourselves and in others.

    Don't be fooled by JW apologists pleading that they are being attacked when they are actually the aggressors.

    Alice came her with mAlice aforethought, and if some of our posters lashed back at her, she had put a lot of effort into earning it.

    She should have been banned when she encouraged Shamus to suicide and posted a very inappropriate pic. That is not an appropriate way to 'stand up for Jehovah's Witnesses'.

  • wasblind

    "I would love for a real card carrying member of the F&DS class to join our group. I have plenty of questions to ask them- just to clear up some foggy stuff we have read of late in the WT rag."

    Ditto Moshe

  • wasblind

    Gladiator says: What I wonder is, whether we are handling them in the most appropriate way?"

    By showing them the very things they deny from their own literature ? YES!!!!!



    Then there are the people who deliberately bait wounded or emotionally prone people just to screw with them. IMO those are the Trolls.

    I guess JWs viewing this forum are aware that it is hurting their organization, so they too are emotionally prone people. The fact that they take the trouble to hit back is proof of that. So it is to be expected.

    I think about issues regarding emotional communication often...

    You hit on the difficulty here. Sometimes very strong emotions are involved, on both sides. When this happens it can be difficult to respond in a rational and effective way. Our normal calm self can get caught up in a trap.

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