Is it unacceptable to stand up for Jehovah's Witnesses on a site called Jehovah'

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  • dgp

    I posted "Why are you here, Bane", but I think I can get the Gladiator's point.

  • ziddina

    "Do you think Measuring someone with their Own Yardstick.. is Inappropriate?... "

    GOOD one, OUTLAW!!!

  • Violia

    If you look back at the history of this board you will find much intelligent debate on doctrine and other issues. That was the beginning of this board.

    .Anyone who wants to have debate can if they follow the forum rules. If jws come here and want to debate doctrine or other issues-- and you feel like it, do it.

    I think that many who are on the board now have recently left jws and it hurts them to hear jws often hatefilled language.

  • moshe

    I would love for a real card carrying member of the F&DS class to join our group. I have plenty of questions to ask them- just to clear up some foggy stuff we have read of late in the WT rag. Hello, is anyone of you special JWs reading this?

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    However, when people come on a forum filled with people who have been victimized in one way or another by the JW religion, and defend it, even on sensitive issues such as pedophilia, it's understandable that there is going to be a backlash. Defending WT doctrine is one thing. But often times they attempt to nullify the pain that others have experienced because it doesn't harmonize with the image of spiritual paradise they want to believe exists among the jws.

    The above quote by Keyer was very well put. I usually don't mind the JW trolls. Bane is fun and entertaining to banter with. Alice was mainly into herself. She crossed the line with hurtful & inconsiderate comments to those relating their personal accounts of sexual abuse inside the JW religion. The exposing of her occult avatar was the ultimate hypocrisy bust.

    Think About It

  • GLTirebiter

    I think it's entirely appropriate for them to stand up for their beliefs, no matter what the name of the forum is. Being a place for open and honest discussion is the reason the forum and posters are here. When they particpate in a respectful and honest discussion they are as welcome as anybody else. There are active Witness posters who are respected contributors, and this forum is better because of their participation.

    What's not appropriate is shouting "liar!" to refute a personal history you have no knowledge of, hurling insults and invectives, being hurtful instead of cooperative, stooping to name-calling and provocation instead of making your point with reason and civility. Yes that applies to both sides, and to instigators and responders alike (I know, I know: "Let he is without sin ..." Mea culpa!).

    Long postings may not be to your liking, but so long as they respect other members and the forum guidelines they have just as much right as anybody else to have their say. One man's drivel is another man's sincere belief (and vice versa).

  • Violia

    I know lot of us come here b/c we feel this is a safe place away from jws- a place we can vent and let our hair down. Recall this is still the net and it is a public board. It is then painful to to be told that we are all just liars by a jws that feels it is their duty to set us straight. If you are at that point in your depature from jws, then do not read those persons posts. If they get too out of line you can be sure the mods will set them straight.


    OUTLAW: Do you think Measuring someone with their Own Yardstick.. is Inappropriate?..

    Well, that depends what we are trying to achieve. Satisfying as it is to try and hoist JWs on their own petard, chasing them off this forum will not achieve that. It just robs us of the the opportunity to help them see things from a different perspective.

    Planting though provoking seeds in their mind may help to achieve a longer term and ultimately more satisfying result?

    I know many of you have tried this while others demand they are banished. Being here in the first place is a compromise to them. They have proved the are prepared to break the rules of the Bethel Boppers. The longer they stay the more they can gain a better understanding of why we have left. They may not at first admit to us or themselves that they may be wrong. This forum of Simon's started out as a pro JW site!

    "Softly softly catchee monkey"

    Well, that depends what we are trying to achieve. Satisfying as it is to try and hoist
    JWs on their own petard, chasing them off this forum will not achieve that.....Gladiator

    We get decent JW`s and we get Assholes..

    Is it unfair to Measure an Asshole with his own Yardstick?..

    Should an Asshole be able to just walk right in and push people around?..

    Don`t minimize the damage these people do,to vulnerable,damaged posters..

    They are Predators looking for Victims..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW


    Don`t minimilize the damage these people do,to vulnerable,damaged posters..

    Fair point. The thing is that the JWs that post here are damaged people themselves, they just don't know it!

    In the early years on this forum, when I posed under my real name, on occasions I had abuse hurled at me by JWs who later left and completely changed their tune.

    Due to their regulated mental process JWs are usually brittle minded people. Sometimes they can snap and change suddenly, once the penny drops, or should I say the cent? It is worth remembering that many genuine JWs quietly read what is posted here.

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