Is it unacceptable to stand up for Jehovah's Witnesses on a site called Jehovah'

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  • wasblind

    And the key word is "NORMAL"

  • dgp

    As a worldly I can't say much, but I can say that often such people are not here to truly debate, but to attack other people and call them names.


    And the key word is "NORMAL"


    Point made..

    I`ll change it to "average"..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • Scully

    Nobody is preventing anyone from defending Jehovah's Witnesses.

    However, posting a defense of Jehovah's Witnesses is likely to be met with evidence to show that said defense is indefensible. In other words, the behaviour and beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses are held to the same standard of scrutiny, ethics, morality, veracity and so on, as Jehovah's Witnesses hold other religions to for their behaviour and beliefs.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander, isn't it?


    These are interesting comments. Because many of us are upset by being shunned by our loved ones, it is natural to feel aggrieved by JWs being hypocritical by debating here. But perhaps we need to get past that anomaly and use this as an opportunity to help them see that we are not the miscreants that they assume us to be?

    I can see that the appearance of JWs being defensive on sensitive topics where people are expressing their hurt is not seen as helpful. They are in many cases in denial. They seek to defend something that is still of great value to them.

    We too were once brainwashed and unable to see that we were wrong.

    What I wonder is, whether we are handling them in the most appropriate way?

  • ziddina

    "Their very presence here is evidence of disobedience to the cult they claim to support. I have nothing but utter contempt for that sort of hypocrisy..."

    What Finally Free said...

    I've seen all-encompassing, over-arching hypocrisy within the Watchtower Society, and I don't want to see that filth regurgitated here, where I go for a breath of 'fresh air'...

    On the other hand, people like Perry, Chalaam, TheMadJW, and others, are simply stating their bible-based viewpoints. I may not agree with them, but their posts are usually informational, not comprised primarily of ATTACKS upon other posters who may disagree with them...

    So, sometimes I read their posts, and sometimes I don't. I've never seen one of THEM call a survivor of incest, or the victim of sexual attacks and/or abuse, a LIAR, either...

    Perry, Chalaam, TheMadJW, generally behave like GENTLEMEN, even tho the discussions occasionally become heated... And that's the primary difference between TROLLS and those of differing viewpoints...

    We'll leave my she-devil behavior out of the discussion , for the moment...


  • Violia

    Most real JW's would not be here, but as long as they follow the forum rules- why should we care? The ones who come here are usually having serious thoughts about the wts . The other type are a bit of a nuisance but have created some very interesting reading and made the board fun.

    I don't have to read their posts if I don't want to. I think they make the board interesting. I can recall when I first came here years ago I was still very much a JW in my head. Thanks to those who did not attack me b/c I did read the posts and it helped me rid my mind of jw's brainwashing.

    Why would they want to leave jws if we attack them and make them unwelcome? They are just posting words and we don't practice information control here .Let them speak- are we afraid of jws?

    As Scully said, you can say what you like within forum rules but, there may be consequences for what you said . So be prepared.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    I personaly don't view any of them as Trolls, just people who feel a need to stand up for what they believe. They come here to thrash out the finer points of their conviction against barrage of ridicule, abuse and criticism.

    Messageboards are the modern-day equivelent of elementarty school recess. There's no intellegent discussion. It'll never change your mind. You'll never change mine.

    I thought the idea of this site was to debate different mindsets?

    Sorry, but no. Defend a JW belief here, you'll be immediately shout down. Most people on this board do not want a discussion. They want a reason to vent. And you are the target

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    See what I mean?

    What I wonder is, whether we are handling them in the most appropriate way?.....Gladiator

    Do you think Measuring someone with their Own Yardstick.. is Inappropriate?..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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