Bane admits that Christians are to abstain from "eating blood".

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  • wasblind

    Bane, did God tell adam and eve that they could eat a fraction of the forbidden fruit?

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Tell that to those who watched their children die because No Blood meant NO BLOOD IN ANY FORM. I'm sure you'll warm their hearts with this new Light.

    How wonderful it is to receive this enlightening information as we approach the End of This System of Things.

  • recovering

    Bane you worry me. I do not mind you arguing your point (as long as you attempt to make your argument logical) however what you have posted in this thread is nothing more than name calling and illogical rhetoric. Surely you can make a more concise coherent argument in defense of your position. I pride myself as being open minded. So please, logically present your beliefs. Only those who are loosing an intellectual argument must resort to name calling. It demonstrates a lack of true conviction in your beliefs if you can not defend them in a logical manner. By the way using circular reasoning is a hallmark of one who lacks the knowledge to defend his position.

  • moshe

    Bane, you have been warned and you have accepted your bloodguilt by throwing in your lot with the WT leaders. That noose seems to fit you just fine.

    If only you could sit in on a voting session of those old GB geezers, you would discover that there is no unanimous opinion about blood transfusions. Why do JW's have the strange rules on blood fractions, anyway? It is because a minority of the GB wanted to drop it, just like the WT leaders did with organ transplants in 1980. Lacking a 2/3 majority needed for a change in doctrine, a compromise was reached. That compromise is the blood fractions dogma. Just imagine- God is telling some of the GB to drop the no-blood transfusions rule, but some are saying they heard God tell them, "Fractions is where you wanna be, fractions is what will make Jehoobah happee!" So there you have it, die after an accident by refusing blood and you are following a compromise dogma of the WT religious publishing Corporation. Ironically, the WT writing department has to consult the GB , if they want to change an exisiting WT doctrine, but if they should decide that JWs need a completely new rule to live by, like an enema once a week, they can go ahead and make it LAW for JWs, without consulting the GB.

    Here is an exercise for you, Bane. Show me where a member of the GB has ever said , I am one of the Faithful and Discreet Slave class. The GB member has to say this in first person, either in print or in a public talk. So far nobody has ever been able to find that quote. These no-blood rules which you are so happy to follow to your possible death are just the mental inventions of employees of a religious publishing company. The Bible does not mention, blood transfusions, disco music, video games, the Internet, aluminum cookware, oral sex, smoking tobacco,miracle wheat, pyramid chronology, etc, etc. but that has not stopped the WT from making defacto rules and opinions for JWs to live by. Holy Spirit has noting to do with it. The WT may imply the GB is directed by God's Spirit, but no member of the GB will ever come out and say it is so. How could it be? The WT has been wrong 100% of the time they ever predicted a future event.

  • wasblind

    " Um Yeah wasblind.....Water is a fraction of blood"

    Bane, wouldn't it be nice if we could replace blood loss with nothing but water.

    But that's not the case, these fractions ok'd by the WTS in the 2006 Awake

    ain't just water



    Do you really expect an intelligent conversation,with someone who is "Scripturizing"?..

    If he was any dumber,you`d have to water him..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    Hey Outlaw, it's about time you showed up

  • wasblind

    " Um yeah isn´t salt a fraction of blood.... "

    Why not just use regular salt then, why go through the whole process of getting it from blood?

  • BANE

    So if Salt and Water are not wrong then BLOOD FRACTIONS ARE NOT WRONG...

    Boy it´s like talking to sixth graders here. At least the IMDB people gave me a challenge. This is like a walk in the park around here.

    I thought this was the big bad apostate forum? I have defeated almost every thing around here. I might as well just start posting some Bible articles to count this time. This defending stuff is just too darn easy. I used to be intimidated by the thought of scripturally challenging an apostate. Now it´s like a piece of cake. I guess I´ll just post a video...


    Bane WatchTard..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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