Instrucitons for using the toilet at the convention (pic)

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  • maninthemiddle

    This was posted in the men's room stall, I hear the instructions in the womens room was more detailed.

    This was in addition to having a "bathroom attendant" handing out 1 paper towel per person.

    I haven't felt so childish since I was in grade schooll, I had to wonder if all the tall people around me were really grown men and women.

    Toilet instructions

  • OnTheWayOut

    I can imagine the time when they say that the law requires them to provide toilet paper, but really want the members to bring their own. Or even better, to use the roll from their hotel, or even better- to just "hold it" until they get outta there.

  • mrsjones5

    If I was still going to jw conventions I would take my own paper towels, toilet paper, toilet liners, hand cleanser and wipes.

  • ziddina

    Ooooo - Kayyyy...

    I'm usually very "conservation" minded, but THAT!!!

    Makes me wanna stuff a whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet - or swipe it and sneak it out in my bookbag...


  • wasblind

    Do the WTS have to pay the stadiums they use for

    these amenities? if so, this could be a tell tale sign

    of them really cutting back because of the loss of

    revenue. Just a guess, anybody with more info?

  • maninthemiddle

    Wasbilnd, that is what I was thinking.

    LOL, Zid, I also wanted to take some back to the seat with me and pass it.

  • ziddina

    "LOL, Zid, I also wanted to take some back to the seat with me and pass it. ..."

    LOLOL!! I think that'd be funny - "Here, Brother TightArse, you look like you need a LOT of this stuff!!"

    Or, sneaking up behind the elders before their part on the DC, and dampening a strand of TP to 'stick' it to them...

  • today

    Hopefully it wont come to how much toilet paper exactly is needed. 4 squares for #1 and 6 squares for #2.

  • mrsjones5

    Someone should post a few of this sign:

  • loosie

    Mrs jones what the H is the guy doing in that last illustration....LOL

    Zid if you stole Tp they would probably have that in the announcements before lunch " rememeber bros and sisters ( especially sisters) do nto stel TP Jah is watchign you"

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