Instrucitons for using the toilet at the convention (pic)

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  • yourmomma

    at the last convention i ever went to i was in the bathroom washing my hands, and when i was done i went to the guy giving out paper towels, and he gave me 1, and it was not enough. so i used it and asked for another one and he said no. i was stunned, so i looked at him, and proceeded to dry my hands on my pants. he then must of realized how stupid the whole thing was, and proceeded to give me another one, but by then i didnt need it and i just walked out.

    this was on top of attandants barking at people to use the hand rail every time they went up steps, and also on top of being screamed, and i mean screamed at by an attandant for being slightly out of the cross walk when crossing a totally traffic-less side street. in fact, he screamed at me to stop, and turn around and go back and walk the cross walk properly.

    that was one of the most eye opening experiences for me, i realized something was very fucked up about this organization. little did i know at the time, that it was a cult. lol

  • Scott77

    I suspect, the whole affair have to do with the WTS wanting to save $. This kind of messages also reminds me of the WTS's habit of wanting to maintain control over people's lives regardless of their age. There is no limit to any area of control be whom to marry, cutting beards, and the speed of drving during field services.

  • Scully

    it was bad enough when they covered up the mirrors in the washrooms to keep Sisters™ from primping themselves before trolling the convention for a husband, but this is lunacy.

  • Deceived

    The photo is gone in the first post??? I missed it ;-(

    I was disgusted with the whole convention control with the washrooms growing up, it seems it is only getting worse. The whole covering the mirrors up and now to tell you how to use the toilet, and how much tissue you can use and if you can flush or not. If thats what Paradise is about, being bossed around and told how to do everything then they can have it.

  • Deceived

    Please disregard, must have been my computer, the sign and photo is there for me now.

    It't Ridiculous but the sheep will obey!!

  • AudeSapere

    I absolutely remember the covered mirrors, long lines for the women's restroom, messing with nylons when the temp exceeded 90 degrees and over 90% humidity and then being told that I could only have 4 squares of toilet paper and one paper towel.

    Had to dry hands and wash grimy face with the same wimpy paper towel.

    My parents told us it was training for the Great Tribulation and the first few years after Armageddon.


  • Confuzzled

    I want to know who you had to piss off to get assigned bathroom duty at those things. I can't imagine smelling fresh, warm shit, and hot piss all day then going out into 100 degree heat!

  • crazycate

    Confuzzled: Back in the day, I always volunteered and for several years I was given restroom duty. I had to stand at the head of the women's line and tell them when a stall opened up. And yes, it smelled awful. But the worst thing was that the first badge I was given said attendant, and then it was decided that no mere woman should wear such a label, so they changed it. I had to walk around all day with the word "Restroom" on my chest. Not "Restroom Attendant," just "Restroom."

  • teel
    I'll never forget the time I walked into the KH bathroom during the Sunday meeting and there was a little boy about 9 sitting in the urinal taking a shit.

    Maybe this will sound too weird, but I swear it's true: once in a DC I saw an old man wash his hand in the urinal. He was an old country folk, I didn't talk to him except show him where the faucet is - I didn't wanted to embarrass him any further, but I guess this was the first time he ever saw a urinal.

    I had to walk around all day with the word "Restroom" on my chest. Not "Restroom Attendant," just "Restroom."

    How do you put that rofl smiley? I really need that right here.

  • wantstoleave

    They put paper on the mirrors? Omg! How rude and insensitive. I bet they didn't do it on the mens mirrors. I mean, sometimes we women like to check for stuff stuck in our teeth and not just how our hair looks! And seriously, the lines are only that long for women because we actually do take longer to pee than men. Plus we have to adjust ourselves, pantyhose, slips, petticoats etc not to mention if we have our period and have other business to attend to.

    At every convention I've ever been to, most of the mens toilets are turned into Initially they're half and half but midway through the morning you see all the 'mens' signs change to 'womens'.... I could never be bothered lining up at the womens when it went out the door and around the corner, so would always find a disabled toilet and use that...hehe.

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