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    Did anyone here claim to be of the anointed and partook of the emblems at memorial when you were still a witness??? If so, was there really a force telling you, you were special and would go to heaven? Or was it more so overjoy at how spritual you though you were? Or people telling you maybe you were?? Just curious to see what your experience was both personally and with other witnesses or your family.

    PS. Trolls need not apply. Or African GBM for that matter.

    Jedi Master

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Not me, but when I was a teenager I had a family friend who claimed to be of the Anointed. One day we were out in service and I got up the nerve to ask him how he knew he was anointed or "special."

    He told me that several years before, after he moved to a new Kingdom Hall, he realized that he was surrounded by a bunch of brothers and sisters who seemed "to lack the big picture." They went through the motions of going to meetings, out in service, etc., but there was no joy in their lives - they acted like they really hated being a JW. He said that most were going through the motions similar to government employees - hating the job, hating their co-workers, hating the public that they had to preach to - but afraid to quit for fear of having to find a real job. They lacked understanding of the fine points of being a JW, showing love for the brothers, talking about the Bible, discussing teachings and prophecy. One "Company Servant" that he went in service with made it clear that he only went because of his assigned position - he knew that he would never have a leadership position in the world - so he continued with the JWs only because he didn't want to give up that authority.

    At some point, he realized that he was only one of a few that seemed to really love being a Witness, loved to talk about the Truth, loved to be in service. He was sitting at a Memorial, watching as the wine and matzo was being passed around. He noticed that most of the very few who partook were the ones that seemed to be honestly humble and loving - that lived for Witness work. He went home and prayed over what he had seen and asked God to help him understand where he fit into His Plan. One day while he was out in field service, he felt dizzy and pulled his car over to the side of the road. He was afraid he might be having a seizure or a stroke (he was in his early 50s). He grabbed the top of the steering wheel and put his head down between his arms and just rested. When he looked up, the sky was dark - like a storm was brewing. He put his head back down and rested some more, apparently dozing off for a short time. When he awoke the sky was clear, bright blue, and the weather was beautiful, there was no sign of a storm anywhere around him. It was like he fell asleep one day and woke up the next - but when he looked at his watch, less than 20 minutes had passed since he pulled over to the curb.

    After that he noticed a change in his whole attitude. He didn't care about living in the New Earth any longer. All he could imagine was that he was in Heaven looking down on the Earth from thousands of miles away - but he could see individuals and hear voices - but he wasn't there. He found that he was less critical of the other brothers and sisters. Rather than being judgmental, he sought them out and felt like he needed to try to help them.

    The next time the Memorial came around there was no question in his mind about partaking. He told me that is was as natural as breathing - that the wine tasted sweet and mellow (not at all like most Mogen David wines I've ever had to endure), and the cracker melted in his mouth like butter.

    Later on, he walked over to one of the other brothers who had partaken of the emblems. He shook his hand and looked right into the other fellow's eyes. He was startled when the other fellow asked him, "Well, did you enjoy the emblems?" It was like the other fellow knew that he was "one of them." He said he never doubted for a moment his heavenly reward after that.

    All he would say after that was that he hoped he could remain faithful, because "having a prize like that awaiting you makes you a target - like someone wearing a big diamond ring and and having to walk through a ghetto at night."

    I don't know if what he told me was all BS, but at the time he seemed very credible. Later on, after the big changeover of the Governing Body in the 1970s I heard that someone who was really one of the "anointed" would never tell a non-anointed person how "the anointed know they are anointed."

    Maybe someone like Kool-aid Drinker can comment on this issue.

  • AGuest
    Did anyone here claim to be of the anointed and partook of the emblems at memorial when you were still a witness???

    I partook for 3 years "inside", dear JediM (may you have peace!). I wanted to partake the entire time I was in, but learned very early that "they" wouldn't be able to handle it. I did not want them to take it out on my family, so I refrained. And that was the ONLY reason that I refrained. And it was very hard. I told the "elders", virtually from day one (I told the two ladies I studied with - of course, it was dismissed at that time), the Book Study Conductor(s), and the PO(s). For 14 years...

    If so, was there really a force telling you, you were special and would go to heaven?

    Not quite. There was a voice that would ask me, every year... "You have passed life by. Why?" And every year... EVERY year... I would feel shame for doing so and vow to do it the next year. And the next year, the "fear" of what "they"... and their children... would do/say to my children... prevented me. It was devastating. Each year. And each year, I would speak with the Book Study Conductor, who would tell the PO, who would come visit me... with the current CO. Because my "conscience" really bothered me. And every year... they would ask the same canned questions. One year, I had a CO kind of go off on me about it.

    As for a voice telling me that I was special... nope. Quite the contrary. It told me that I was a "servant" and that I needed to be a servant to all. Not what folks lead you to expect at all - LOLOLOL!

    Or was it more so overjoy at how spritual you though you were?

    Ummmm... I can't say that "joy" was one of the emotions I felt. Trust me, there were times when I TRIED to ignore the voice and its question. But I couldn't and I felt, really, like crap. Always took me DAYS to "recover." I felt like I had turned my back on my best friend... that I was a coward... and that my fear of "them" counted for more than my love... and loyalty... to that friend. Nope, the joy didn't come until AFTER I "obeyed." THEN... the joy... and certain other "fruit" (as well as certain gifts) of the spirit... virtually began to flow... and gain momentum like nothing I can describe... and has ever since. Some, like joy, even began to overflow. It truly IS like a "fountain", if not a floodgate... has been opened within you... bubbling up... literally.

    Or people telling you maybe you were??

    LOLOLOLOL! Ohhhh, noooo... THAT never happened - LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Quite the opposite, actually. Because elders do NOT keep your discussions confidential (don't you believe that lie!)... the whispers stared years before. But when I finally DID do the deed... well, you should have HEARD the car-group conversations! Good Lordy, talk about your gossip, spite, bitterness, and lack of love!! I now TRULY know what my Lord meant when he said, "Weeping and gnashing of teeth"! Folks LITERALLY gnashed their teeth!! (And still do, poor things. It is SO curious... and sad... to me... that they even THINK of me to do so! ME! WHY??? I am NOTHING to them. Why all the... ummm... concern, good OR bad? Why anything? What do they CARE? I mean, if I am wrong, won't the Most Holy One of Israel take care of that? What does it add to or take away from their lives? But, apparently, they do care. Aapprently, a lot.

    And, yep, their children started in on my children. Heck, some of "them" started in. Praise JAH, my children well knew what I was going through by that time and had absolutely NO problem with it (actually, they were, like, "Mom, look... partake already! STOP worrying about them... and quit worrying about us... and do what YOU need to do. We'll be fine!"). And they were. And so I did. And they fielded the nasty questions, comments... and insults... just fine. And now... they both partake... out of faith... and my daughter (age 32) received holy spirit last year (Acts 2:39). So that now... she really "gets" me (or so she says - LOLOLOL!)! It is wonderful!!

    Just curious to see what your experience was both personally and with other witnesses or your family.

    Well, that's mine.

    after the big changeover of the Governing Body in the 1970s I heard that someone who was really one of the "anointed" would never tell a non-anointed person how "the anointed know they are anointed."

    I won't comment on your "brother's" experience, dear JV (may you, too, have peace!). I personally don't get how anyone can say they are "anointed"... meaning they have RECEIVED HOLY SPIRIT... and not talk about it. Not SING about it. I just don't get it. You CAN'T be silent. How CAN you? It doesn't ALLOW you to be. You are merely an INSTRUMENT... of that spirit... the fruits of which are love... JOY... peace... FAITH... goodness... kindness, mildness, patience, and self-control. While I admit I am still working on the first one and last five, and still need help with peace and faith... my JOY is abundant. Life... IS good.

    Also, anyone who says/teaches this (i.e., that they would never tell how), doesn't have a CLUE as to what they're talking about. Only a non-anointed who falsely claims to be an anointed... couldn't explain how he/she knows... and would say such a thing.

    Anyway, I hope this helps, dear Jedi... and the greatest of love and peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who used to marvel at all that "solemness" in the WTBTS... and all that "Wait until Armageddon-ness" and wonder... where is the LOVE? Where is the JOY? Now I understand... there is NO holy spirit there... and thus NO love... and NO joy. For both are FRUITS of God's holy spirit!

  • AGuest

    Oh, c'mon... seriously? Just me? To the Household of God, Israel... and those who go with:

    Come out... come out... wherever you are!

    I mean that as to here (this forum)... and as to there (the WTBTS, religion, christendom... what have you: "Get OUT of her, my people... if you DON'T want to share in her sins...!). STAND UP... and be counted!

    May you have peace, you and your entire household!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ (right?),


  • CandleLight

    I recieved my spirit annointing while I was still a JW. There was no confusion as to what he gave me, but instead, in the beginning, as what I was to do, and a general feeling of now what! I looked around and realized this religion was wrong, how they celebrated the lords supper was completely wrong, and how they viewed the annointed even more incorrect. And what they taught regarding my Lord was absurd.

    By the time the next memorial came around My husband and I were already in the process of 'getting out of her'. We celebrated our meal that year with dear friends in Christ. When the elders came to know of it(from us when the came to visit us about things they were 'concerned about) they shortly thereafter announced to the congregation we were DF.

    Both my husband and I had felt compelled for years to partake, and yet talked ourselves out of it each time as never could we be part of those who should (by JW standards). It wasnt until after the veil was lifted did we share with eachother that we had wanted to partake for a long time.

  • Lozhasleft

    Yes I did. I partook from 1993 to 2007. I really identify with a great deal of what Shelby (AGuest) has said. I think I will send you a PM Shelby. My story about it is here...


    Loz x

  • debator

    IF you felt you were annointed why are you no longer witnesses?

    Outside of the witnesses the partaking just becomes a general coverall where everyone and their aunty partake with no depth of teaching or self examination.

    1 Corinthians 11:27-28 (New International Version)

    27 Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. 28 A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup.

  • DaCheech

    debator, I'm glad that you can judge the heart. you have taken the place of Jesus

  • palmtree67


    with no depth of teaching or self examination.

    Respectfully, how is it you are able to judge another person's motivations for partaking?

    My understanding is that Witnesses believe it is between the individual and God.

  • Lozhasleft

    To begin with Debator the holy spirit is repelled by the lovelessness of the Organisation's legalisms...and thats just a starter....not that I agree that you have any right to judge anyone else, more to the point, neither do the WTBS.

    Loz x

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