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    Please show us where the Hebrew uses the words (or words anything like) "Active Force" in Gen1:1-2


    Holy- "Clean, Pure" in Hebrew & Greek

    Spirit- "Breath, Wind" in Hebrew & Greek

    The Pure Wind (POWER) of God, which is ALWAYS active.

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    "As for the Col 1:15-17 Passage.

    Are you having the same problem the WT has, finding the Greek word heteros, which means "other" of a different kind. Or the Greek word "allos" which means an "other" of the same kind?

    Please tell us what these verses actually say. When you get done with these I have a few more."

    Mad: O GOODY!

    That "Other" is conveyed in the Greek is obvious- for Jesus did NOT make he is ONE exception. He didn't make his God. He didn't make the 'Holy-Ghost God" or "Active Force of God". Two more.

    Please show us how you have been deluded to believe otherwise!

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    I'sa waitin'.....tick.toc.tick.toc....

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    (She must need time to search her Idiot Websites for a CNP)


    Plankton, Plankton, Plankton. Won't you ever learn?

    Yes, there is one God. The Lord your God is one. No question about that. What is interesting to note [and to know] is that you continue to deny the other half of this truth. Please let me explain briefly.

    In Hebrew, there are 2 words for one. There is YACHID which means one, only one, something singular. The other word for one is ECHAD which means a unity of several parts or things as in 'evening and morning became one [echad] day' or 'husband and wife become one [echad] flesh'.

    It is the word ECHAD which is used in the Jewish Shema which declares that the Lord your God is one [echad] Lord. So it doesn't take a brain surgeon to follow the logic, does it? Is that conclusive proof that there is a Trinity? No, but it is proof that there is more to God than the WTS would have us believe.

    Other examples include in Gen 'Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness'. Still more old testament proofs of God's plurality is found at the Tower of Babel when God says 'Let us go down', ofcourse, he came down alone.

    I know that these are scriptures that you would deny...too bad for you. I'll keep you in my prayers kids.

    ps- You still never addressed the whole EGO EIMI from John 8;58. Ego Eimi means literally 'I am'. I have been is an incorrect translation that has been altered to appear that the WTS position could be accurate. Of course we know that is not the case as the Jews were going to stone Jesus for blasphemy after he said ego eimi. Apparently Jesus knew who he was, eh?



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    Sorry Plankton, but that's not an answer, is it?


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Paul- I am only trying to encourage accepting what the Scriptures actually say

    I was hoping I could see what the Scriptures ACTUALLY SAY.

    Instead I get more of you. TISK TISK TISK

    Sorry, you are ENTITLED to your delusions.

    You don't see me distorting scripture. I actually read the words on the page. You just add in what ever you like.

    Show me in the Greek.

    How long (how many beers) does it take to get you drunk enough to think you have answered my questions.

    Be honest you're way over a case today aren't you?

  • theMadJW

    TT- didn't you know that God wasn't speaking to OTHER Supreme Beings?

    Even angels were helping?

    DD- you seem to know more about the affect of beers on thinking- since SOMETHING is preventing you from doing so!

    I even CNPed those scriptures- so that they could be clearly seen, and EMPHASISED what they actually SAID.

    So, more escapism from Churchoids who don't know how to get their heads out of their jackass....

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