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  • today

    I've offended people by pure ignorance. Because of that I love to hear about different cultures and I'm hoping to learn a lot of neat things on this thread.

    I speak a dialect. Where I'm from calling a female, women or child, gyal (girl in english) is common everday communication. My dialect is close to the Jamaican's dialect. Calling any Jamaican girl or woman by that term is calling her a good for nothing dirty person. Learned that through my wonderful Jamaican friends.

    A friend of mine told me that growing often he would hear his father say, "I'm gonna Jew you". It was not until he was an adult that someone brought it to his attention the term he was using was derogatory. He had never given it any thought.

    Growing up I learned that it was bad manners to belch. The Amish, however, especially the men, belch really loud at the end of their meal. It shows their wives that the really enjoyed the meal.

  • serenitynow!

    "I dunno, maybe it'd just be better if I avoid making friends with black people. And I guess I'll have to tell the ones I'm already friends with I can't be their friend anymore, because I'm likely to offend them with my culture."

    Wow, really?? I guess if you can't keep yourself from saying inflammatory and ignorant things (on purpose) then black people will better off because of your avoidance. What is your culture BTW? I'd really like to know so that I know I can be rude around those folks with no worries.

    MrsJ, in the past few weeks at work, I had an older lady I really like we were talking at my desk, she was telling me how she liked my hair, the next thing I knew she had both hands in my head- I mean she was grabbing my roots, OK? I was speechless!I was thinking, WTH!

  • serenitynow!

    Today, thank you for sharing the Jamaican thing. I had no idea.

    Welcome to the board.

  • SixofNine

    I think the food thing is a Serenity thing or maybe a Serenity's family thing and not a black thing. My first black girlfriend would feed me out of her mouth like a momma bird. We were asked to leave several restaurants. Looking back, I guess I shouldn't have shouted accusations of racism against the restaurant managers, but being white, I just assumed this was a black thing and that I was finally experiencing oppression (a childhood dream of mine), even if second-hand. You can imagine how very odd my second black girlfriend thought me!

    The hair thing is probably just a matter of practicality, which might just barely qualify as "cultural". I mean, there are certainly plenty of exceptions: black women who love to have a man touch their hair, and I think that's just nature, and I further think that they probably didn't have to overcome any cultural indoctrination to come to enjoy that experience.

    As for the n word, I'm of two minds on this; on the one hand, I fully understand and generally respect the cultural dynamics; otoh, if you're a close friend of mine, you at least try not to be racist, I assume you aren't racist, and I assume you assume the same of me - so we can say ANYTHING racist in each other's company, since we know that the joke is on racist attitudes. We can and will say HORRIBLE things about Blacks, Christ-killers (Jews), Albino Amerikkkans (Whites), Hispanics, Icebacks (canadians), Jew-killers (krauts) wax-muffins (Brazilians) coon-asses (Cajuns, and also half-man/half-raccoon people) and most of all, filthy Albanerians; without flinching. Because we know that the joke is not on those people or their cultures, but rather, the joke is on small-minded racist people and attitudes. Well, except in the case of the filthy food-touching Albanerians - they just suck.

  • Twitch
    Icebacks (canadians)

    Never heard that one before, eh?

  • avishai

    Great stuff, Sixo!

  • mrsjones5

    Well, except in the case of the filthy food-touching Albanerians - they just suck.

    Loved that movie

  • SixofNine

    Never heard that one before, eh?

    heh, I made that one up. Growing up in Texas, the racist called Mexicans "wetbacks" (they cross the rio-grande), so I thought Canadians should be "icebacks". Few people outside of Texas get the joke. Which makes it even better, eh?

  • SixofNine

    hah, good catch mrsjones. Shows how far we've come that I didn't even want to actually say "Albanians", so I created "Albanerians", lol.

  • serenitynow!

    "My first black girlfriend would feed me out of her mouth like a momma bird."

    Pretty sure that was not a black or a white thing but a sixonine and his girl thing! Some stuff you gotta do behind closed doors. I can tell that was an intense relationship! Is that sensual or something, what is the appeal? Did she chew it first? That is intriguing.

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