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  • mrsjones5

    Yeah, I think it's kinda an overboard statement too.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    You obviously didn’t read the rest of the paragraph.

  • mrsjones5

    Yep, I read it and I understood it but I still think it's an overblown statement.

  • StoneWall

    Serenitynow! said:

    The bottom line Stonewall is this, we do have freedom of speech, but as I believe it was the apostle Paul who stated, "all things are lawful, but not all


    are advantageous." Just because we can say something, does not mean that we should say it.

    I'm so glad you quoted the Apostle Paul on this one. Then look how you ended it with your words afterwards. Just because you can say the "N" word and think others (non-black) can't, doesn't mean you should.

    Now lets look at something else the Apostle Paul said in Romans 2:21,22 and see if we can apply it to this situation;

    do you, however, the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself? You, the one preaching “Do not steal,” do you steal? You, the one saying “Do not commit adultery,” do you commit adultery?

    Now lets use this same principle that Paul stated here and apply it to this situation. Do you the one saying to others do not use "the N word," do you use the N word?

    Imagine going near a woman who said she hated being called a bitch and saying she felt that word was very repulsive and offensive and yet the next day you overhear her calling another woman a bitch. Or maybe she refers to her girlfriends she hangs with as her fellow bitches in jest. Would you think the word really bothered her that much? Would you think she was being hypocritical?

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