Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Been Counseled On

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  • LisaRose

    Calebs Airplane, I remember one memorial I was not allowed to park in the parking lot as that was for new and interested ones only, even though there were many open spaces. I had two small children, when it was over I had to make my way in the dark with my children, carrying my two year old, as he was asleep, I stumbled and hurt my knee. Yeah, nice, especially since many elders who arrived after me had parked in the lot. So much for looking after "the widows and orphans".

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My mom was told to stop wearing her real hair wig. It was lovely. She detested the Society even while she believed they were right about doctrine. Without missing a beat, she said she worked and it saved her time. She said it had no demons. As she answered, she walked away. Not in anger but with assertiveness. Both my mom and I have baby fine natural hair that started as light blondes. The wig brought out her inner blonde. It was thick European hair. Her personality changed for the more daring when she wore it.

    She was ordered to quit her job b/c she was missing some evening meeting. My mom knew how to deal with brothers- except my father.

    I know I was counseled about blue jeans, T-shirt, love beads, peace symbols, politcal flyers ( not political party either. SDS and Black Panther!). Fortunately, my high school was tracked. I was in the top grade, the serious college bound group. It wasn't my selection b/c I was Bethel bound once upon a time. The admins just placed me. The other JWs at school were typically in the 12th ranking below the college one. We called it the loser track. It was wrong to do so. The loser track attacked us in the hallways. There was no socialization between groups. I was active in school clubs and a student newspaper editor. They only saw me from a distance which suited me.

    Since so many family members served at Bethel, we were taught that we had an extra margin for mischief. Once I threatened to call a particular individual at Bethel immediately when a brother pressured me. It wasn't as tho I thought some big wig would take my side. Also, another KH brother might have called my threat. I was hanging around with radical lawyers. Access helped.

    The Society was rabidly anti-Roman Catholic. There were more rules at the KH than at a monastery or convent. Sometimes at school I observed the other Witness kids from a comfortable distance. I could see they were having problems. It is important during teen years to assert your own personality. You want to dress the way your peers did. The college track kids could never figure out how I knew the lowest ranked kids. In fairness to them, they were mostly foster children. Even my father showed me more consideration than these kids received. They were not idiots. Sometimes I felt I should cry for them. Well, I was counseled for love beads. They were ejected for immoral conduct.

  • jookbeard

    I dont know if it ever happened but it was meant to , the brother doing the roving mikes was upsetting people because he was smiling too much

  • blablabluh

    For saying "I'm knackered" when I was tired because it could also mean I was sexually exshausted.

    They obviously thought I was getting some action at 10 years old if they thought I may have been using the alternate meaning.

  • label licker
    label licker

    I was counselled for sliding artificial doggy doodoo on the PO's chair during the prayer. When he turned around he was ticked! Another time we had taped a fart machine with remote control under our bookstudy conducter's chair. Again, we pushed the button right after the prayer and everyone laughed at the conductor while his face was red and fuming. This was at the hall and the whole back row was all df'd and laughing. We thought we would bring some good cheer to that group for it was so depressing and come hall clean there was us and the conducter and his wife. The rest were all df'd and never came to help. And the conductor and his wife were the only ones we would be working with in service and at the study they were the only ones there we could talk to. BORING!


    As a single man many years ago, at one boring evening meeting I slipped away at half time to the boozer next door. After the meeting some young brothers joined me to put the world right over a few beers. Later in the week the elders slapped my wrist, ever so gently. I told them that I needed the beer to suppress my sex drive. They were an understanding lot.

  • KateWild

    I got counselled for wearing an ankle chain. I took it off and drew one on the harlot in the Rev book, as an act of rage at the stupidity of it all. Kate xx


    I got counselled for telling the truth about the WT magazine's errors and the unscriptural conduct of the Elders....


  • insearchoftruth4

    Got railed in the back room for calling the PO a monkey. I had to clarify, I said he LOOKS like a monkey!...(don't he?)


  • Londo111

    For the convention, my wife packed a cooler and my job was to carry it in. I was counseled by an attendant about the size of the cooler. I wonder if he wanted me to do--carry it back home?

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