New Generation understanding tied to Freddie Franz

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  • M*A*S*H

    Whilst researching the generation thing (online, which is not a particularly good place to look.. but hey) I think I've found the ultimate proof for what a generation is...


    The Generation Game was a Britishgame show produced by the BBC in which four teams of two (people from the same family, but different generations, hence the title of the show) compete to win prizes.

    Now I've I seen the generation game, and all the contestants were alive... and still considered 'different' generations. Bruce Forsyth, a well known British philosopher and expert on ancient languages (possibly) agrees (maybe).

    Case closed dubs.... you can't argue with wiki, it's like the bible online, but with pictures and stuff.

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  • streets76

    What would Lady Gaga think of Fred Franz?

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