The Jehovahs Witness family weekend

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  • mrsjones5

    It has exactly nothing to do with the topic. Alice is just being an attention whore yet again.

    Back to topic.

  • debator

    I see the obvious irony I meant by my own equally general observations over non-witnesses passed you by.

    If you object to my overly emotional generalities, why did you support it against witnesses by various posters inc the op? If you can see emotional manipulation in typecasting scenarios why do you use them against witnesses?

    Children need to have a lot of structure in their lifes, this is not a bad thing! Jewish Children went to the temple with their parents much as we do as witnesses. Jewish people didn't use creches or babysitters, the children were expected to behave as there parents taught them too in the temple . This how they learned. People leave it to school now to teach this type of structured setting but there should be times with parents when they learn how to behaved among people in various setting both informal and formal.

  • exwhyzee

    Speaking of Generalities.... Certain generalities / blanket statements when accepted by a group can be a source of much distress for those who don't agree with them or can't concienciously comform to them and yet are more or less forced to comply. Often this includes children.

    Children need a lot of structure in their lives : Or : Children need a certain amount of structure in their lives. Too much structure has been found to inhibit creativity and personal development and the ability to cope in the many non structured environments encountered in daily life.

    Jewish children went to the temple with their parents as much as we Witnesses do: Or : We don't know how many times a week or the exact number of hours Jewish children and their parents spent in the temple as compared to Witness meeting attendance. When they did go they most likely heard the word of God read directly from the scrolls. It is very unlikely that they were subjected to the continuous studying of man made publications containing often inacurate interpretations of God's word and key concepts that need to be relearned once the mistakes are corrected . They likely didn't spend week after week, year after year sitting through and participating in magazine sales demonstrations at the temple or were taugnt how to overcome objections made by those not wanting those publications.

    People leave it to school now to teach this type of structured setting : or: Some people today leave it up to the school system to teach their children in a structured setting since this is often how learning occurs in public schools. Other parents and educators have found that childern/people can learn equally well in a variety of settings. Some children learn much better in a non structured setting such as home schooling, study groups, or with hands on practicle day to day guidance from parents,relatives and instructors.

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