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  • jambon1

    Having been out of the organisation for over 4 years and having finally released my kids from the hellish existance that is life as a JW, it struck me today how enjoyable our weekends are in comparison to when we were JW's.

    The weekends are vital for us just now. My wife doesn't work but I work full time from very early in the morning. I don't get to see my beutiful children in the morning during the week. When I get home I have a bit time to spend with my wife or doing other chores around the house & then the kids roll in from school. Homework, dinner, bath time, next days lunch making, grass cutting, plant watering, & it's bed time again.

    Friday-Sunday is such a welcome change from that. Don't get me wrong, I love my work & I love our Mon-Fri routine. But it is taxing. It's tiring.

    Friday is a fun day. We stay up late & have chocolate fondue. We lie in for a while on a Saturday and I enjoy morning cuddles from my wee kids. I cook breakfast & then we go out for the day which is lovely in this warm sunny Scottish weather . On a Saturday night I feel no pressure to be in bed early so we have some drinks & treat the kids to a late night & some TV.

    On a Sunday we have a nice relaxing day & we treat our kids if we can afford it. In the morning they like to watch cartoons.

    When we were witnesses, a Friday was so utterly depressing. Knowing that we would have to haul our ass around the doors with 2 small infants who were just wanting to run around mad but were trussed up in f***ing dresses & suits. At 3 years old! Even worse, you would have to validate your families spirituality by making sure that the kids would do a presentation or something at the arrangement. At 3 years old!

    The rest of the day was spent in the shadow of the upcoming early rise of Sunday morning to once again get trussed up like a turkey & head off to the Kingdom grill to have your sorry ass exposed as a shithouse of a christian who needed to do more, more, more! And hell mind you if the entire families Watchtowers hadn't been studied & marked up! Sitting all shy, not wanting to answer so that the microphone prince wouldn't see that you hadn't bothered your arse to study the healing words of mother!

    If you were a real sluggard then you would leave the hall without going out on 'the work' because your kids are tired already & also hungry. How you would punish yourself on the way home as a useless shithouse of a family head because you wanted to eat your lunch in relative freedom, outwith the judgemental eye of your fellow miserable sunday ministry arrangement-goers. Even worse you might want to spend the rest of sunday in some sort of sinful 'recreation' such as sandcastle making with your kids on the local beach.

    How times have changed for me. I love my weekends now & I truely make 'each day count'.

    I love my life now & I can clearly see that my kids are happy too.

    Jehovah's Witnesses deprive children of a proper childhood in my opinion. It's criminal.

    When your children are all grown up, that time is gone. Lost forever.

    Jehovah's Witnesses - Do you make 'each day count' for you and your family?

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Great post. Your description sounds exactly like my JW childhood. Congratulations to you for getting you and your kids out!

  • AudeSapere

    The only thing better than the weekend you described, is when you can experience without any of the guilt that many feel when they first leave.

    Congrats on finding bliss in the simple things and fun times with your kids.



  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Congratulations on getting your family out, especially when the children were very young. Life can be good and far different than the WTS paints it outside of their org.

    What stood out to me was the guilt of being a JW. Forgot all about that. Guilt of not taking the family out in FS on Sat morning. Guilt of not having a family WT study (complete with highlighting) on Sat night. Guilt at the KH if you weren't a uber-dub or had a conscience that was different than the fanatics. Guilt if you didn't go out in FS after the Sunday meeting. This guilt just covers Fri, Sat & Sun.

    Think About It

  • changeling

    How lovely your family life sounds! Keep it up and make wonderful, warm memories for your children.

    My husband and I revel in going to Sunday brunch each weekend. We get up late and then head to one our favorite restaurants. No rush, just pure enjoyment. A time to relax, converse, and enjoy each other's company. Love it! :)

  • jambon1

    I do try to give my children the happiest of memories.

    In no way is it easy. Everyone has it tough I believe. I have a million concerns for my kids & our future.

    But I'll tell you this; I'll make my kids childhood a childhood. They won't sit through degrading porno Watchtowers on a Sunday morning. They will have no worries about life or death. They won't worry about grandad or granny who isn't a JW. Or daddy who stopped coming to have his ass grilled at the kingdom hall.

    They will splash about on the beach. They will love going to the football & being with their grandad. I will love & kiss my kids no matter what they are or what they become.

    Please, for the love of god, let your kids be kids.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Yes, weekends are great.

  • freedomisntfree

    I look forward to relaxing weekends with my future kids, christmas mornings, easter egg hunts and blowing out birthday candles!!! wise words for childrearing Jambon1, I hope the lurkers and trolls think about it too

  • Lozhasleft

    I'm so glad you got your kids out while they're young ...well done to you.....I wish I had..

    Loz x

  • truthseekeriam

    I'm enjoying it so much as well

    The kids are thrilled to be having fun on weekends, they had soccer games this morning and are heading to a pizza party with the team for dinner. Before, we would have spent the morning out on service or feeling guilty for not being out..followed by studying for the watchtower study and early to bed for meeting in the am. Tomorrow we sleep in and then head out to celebrate Fathers Day!! Life is good.

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