The Jehovahs Witness family weekend

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  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Our District Assembly took place every July 4 weekend. The official relax and cookouts and have fun weekend with NO WORK MONDAY! And where was I ? 105 DEGREE weather in Amherst in a suit for the whole weekend in a hell hole motel the Society recommended. Great times!!!!

  • Quandry

    I enjoy morning cuddles from my wee kids. I cook breakfast & then we go out for the day which is lovely in this warm sunny Scottish weather

    I really love the expression you use-wee kids. And I get a lovely picture in my mind of Scotland. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having another wonderful weekend!


    "Having been out of the organisation for over 4 years and having finally released my kids from the hellish existence that is life as a JW, it struck me today how enjoyable our weekends are in comparison to when we were JW's.

    Jehovah's Witnesses deprive children of a proper childhood in my opinion. It's criminal."

    If everyone experienced this “hellish existence” as one of Jehovah's Witnesses there wouldn't be any. I was raised as a Witnesses and had I actually did what my parents asked, I'd be a much better adult. I took a wrong turn at the age of 15 moving in with my disfellowshipped mother. I could see through these damning expressions (hellish, criminal) and they didn't mean a thing to me after five seconds of thinking. It's interesting to see that if something “isn't for me” some people feel the need to ruin what isn't for them for everyone else. Good luck with that.


    There is no Family Weekend when your a JW..

    JW kids have it the Worst..

    Its a waste of life for everyone concerned..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • chickpea

    uncanny similarity to our experience of hauling
    FOUR young kids around in the assinine pursuit
    of "pleasing a god"....

    weekends are not quite the romp you describe as i
    am working my way thru a degree program but i
    LOVE what i am studying and altho my kids are all
    fairly well grown, they are happier and we have
    stronger bonds that were ever possible in the
    service of the b0rg......

    enjoy your weekend!!


    "There is no Family Weekend when your a JW..

    JW kids have it the Worst..

    Its a waste of life for everyone concerned.."

    Weekends for me living with my disfellowshipped mother were usually on acid or ecstasy. It's cool for the time being but it doesn't work out in the end. There's only a few things the Bible asks you not to do while there are many things you can do for recreation.



    It`s not our fault you did drugs..

    You spent your life the way you wanted..

    If you need a policeman watching you 24/7..Thats not our problem either..

    Weak people need a baby sitter..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • yknot

    Rachel ....

    Why do you care what others think about a religion you don't even attend?

    I strongly suggest you work on yourself more and criticize other's 'feelings or experiences' less.


    Where do you get off saying "It's not our fault you did drugs..?”

    Did I say it was? There's plenty of kids that have experimented with drugs a little bit. I was introduced to this at the age of 15 in school by other kids. The second I saw the dark side of the drug culture I abandoned it. When I attended college plenty of students got so drunk they passed out on a regular basis. Quit being your usual prickish self Outlaw.

  • yknot


    you are disturbing Jambon's weekend thread....

    don't hijack this one with your drama, cries persecution and criticism because somebody is happier not being a JW

    Start a new one...... show some etiquette.


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