The Jehovahs Witness family weekend

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Well, it’s a sunny Sunday winter's morning here in Australia, and my biggest decision so far was whether to put on a second load of washing on or not.

  • Twitch


    Weekends for me living with my disfellowshipped mother were usually on acid or ecstasy. It's cool for the time being but it doesn't work out in the end. There's only a few things the Bible asks you not to do while there are many things you can do for recreation.


    If ya can't decide for yourself what's good and what's not, there's always the Bible.

  • wannabefree

    Alice ... yours was certainly an extreme case, I grew up as a "worldly" person and became a Witness of my own choosing. But my life in the world was not lacking. My parents were good, my family life was good, didn't do drugs, got into a little mischief, but certainly wouldn't classify my youth as wicked.

    I think as Witnesses we go to such extremes. I have recognized this by observing my own children, we teach them as Witnesses that there are "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Wicked People". I often wondered why when witness kids left, they so often went to the extreme bad in the world. I realize now that it is because they have been programmed that the world is all about satan and wickedness, they don't have balance.

    My wife and children are raised 100% JW, I had my first 20 years in a fairly normal American family. I have come to realize that it is much easier for me to see the good in people who are not witnesses, I can see that other people who are not witnesses aren't wicked followers of satan, whereas my wife and children have a much harder time comprehending that.

    I'm just saying, your experience is heart breaking. But you can't judge everyone else in the world, many who have a very strong, sincere faith in Christ, and live that faith, as wicked because or your experience.

    I have great empathy for you.


    yknot, listening to your psychoanalysis, advice and you telling me what to do has been disregarded the second I made contact with you.

    “Why do you care what others think about a religion you don't even attend?”

    Why do you attend a religion you don't believe in and discredit? Please don't answer because anyone of JWs would beleive you're duplicitous. If you have a logical response to the things I say fine, but you psychoanalyzing and advising me falls on deaf ears. If you do it anymore I'm just going to copy and paste this post as a response.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    And yet again, another perfectly pleasant thread is derailed by people who can’t resist feeding the troll…


    Where do you get off saying "It's not our fault you did drugs..?”

    Did I say it was? There's plenty of kids that have experimented with drugs a little bit. I was introduced to this at the age of 15 in school by other kids. The second I saw the dark side of the drug culture I abandoned it. When I attended college plenty of students got so drunk they passed out on a regular basis. Quit being your usual prickish self Outlaw.....AIW


    It`s still not my fault..

    You don`t have self control in your life and need a baby sitter..

    You`ll find Druggys and Drunks at a Kingdom Hall..

    They need baby sitters too.. Someone to tell them what to do..

    You`ll fit right in..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • wannabefree

    jambon ... I am happy for you! Enjoy and cherish these times.

  • truthseekeriam


    You sound like the drama at the convention.

    "I moved in with my evil mother and did drugs and got into trouble" Then I seen the light and came back...LOL.

    Sorry chick, but if you did drugs in the world, you most likely would have did drugs in the Org.

    See I'm the opposite of that. I was a teenager world and seen all kinds of bad things happen, although never to me or anyone I loved. I came back into the Org as a young adult got married and raised perfect little JW kids and made sure they lived the Org way knowing this would protect them from any harm..right?

    Wrong! My daughter was molested by that wonderful loving family man in the congregation. I bet they wouldn't use that in a DC drama!

    Wake up!!

  • loosie

    I agree I throughly my time now that it isn't taken up with meetings and service.

    things I appreciate most.

    1) I don't have to wear panty hose anymore

    2) I love celebrating my daughters birthday

    3) I can go to college now w/o worrying about missing meetings.

    4) I can do homework on tues and thursday nights. ( homework is way more fun than studying a WT)

    5) I can watch a dvd any night of the week

    6) I can spend more time w/hubby

    7) My daughter doesn't have to miss saturday morning cartoons.

    8) my daughter can wear her halloween costume to school to show the Jw office secretary ( my personal favorite)

    9) now hubby and I can practice unallowed positions on thursday nights instead of giving a presentation on stage at the hall.

  • mrsjones5

    There's plenty of kids that have experimented with drugs a little bit.

    And there are even more who don't. After leaving the bOrg the thought never crossed my mind to smoke weed or shoot up crack or take a hit of meth. I'm not that kind of person and I had more constructive things to do like going to design school.

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