A Seattle Police Officer Is Caught On Tape Hitting a 17-year An African American Teenager Girl

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  • gubberningbody

    All I have to say is that the cop acted with some serious restraint.

    My hat's off to him.

    These guys get put in tough situations and have to enforce stuff I know they'd just as soon not have to enforce, but that's the deal.

    My take is that if you don't like the law, then take it up with those who make the laws, but don't pull any stunts or disrespect a guy with a badge and a gun.

  • snowbird

    The NAACP is reactive, instead of pro.

    Children should learn respect at their mother's knees.


  • gubberningbody

    I do see that he slipped a little in attempting to explain his actions.

    I would have given an order and once having given it I would have just silently arrested the offender.

    I also think he should have had a partner. I didn't see one.

    One thing that I learned years ago after getting pulled over is to not get out of my car, not make excuses, not make any movements that could be misconstrued and be as polite as possible.

    Another thing I learned was that running late at night in the dead of winter with a ski mask on is hazardous when you happen to be a mile or so away from a convenience store that was just robbed by a guy in a ski mask.

    One final thing is that it's not a good idea to test the sense of humor that the officer who pulls you over has about him. He might not think you're as funny as you think you are.

  • digderidoo

    I'm amazed at the concept of jay walking. I've just googled it and can't believe that it's illegal to walk in or on certain roads in the US?? So the pedestrian gets criminalised?

    So all this happens because two girls walked in the road? It's an alien concept to me. I would have thought that a pedestrian should just use common sense as to when they can walk in a road or not, to be told by the state where and when you can amazes me.

    As for the punch, the officer did go over the top but in a split second how are you supposed to gauge a reasonable response to a girl being in your face and pushing you whilst arresting somebody for walking in the road?? Hey?? Was she really getting arrested for walking in a road??


  • BurnTheShips
    What can happen when physical force is not used at the appropriate time:

    Jesus! And the cop died, and he was only 22!

    I've watched the top video, and I think the cop didn't have any other options. The first one was resisting arrest, and then the second one attacked him.


  • snowbird

    Hi, Paul.

    Things are done so differently in the USA.

    I never knew about jaywalking until I was fully grown.

    Of course, it's impossible to jaywalk on dirt country roads!


  • serenitynow!

    I think that the community leaders and the NAACP are doing this girl a great disservice by treating her as a victim. The reality is, she's had a rough life; she evidently does not have parents who love her and care enough for her to train her to not be a person who needs to be punched in the face by an officer.

    Being a black person I will say we have a tendency to not want to air our problems out for outsiders (non-blacks) to see. In this instance however, they need to take a public stand on how her behaviour directly led to what happened, and that her future is dim if she continues on this path. They (community leaders) would do well to turn this into a "how do we keep our children from getting in trouble with the law" discussion. I could go on at length on that. One thing we have to do is stop trying to blame white people for everything. Prejudice and racism are responsible for some things that happen but not all.

  • betterdaze

    Here's a map. The pedestrian crosswalk (an overpass) is just north of Ace Cash Express, which can be seen clearly in the video, as well as the bus stop across MLK Way.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Ordinarily you shouldn't lie. But like guber says, if they think you're trying to be funny --watch out.

    We lived in Nebraska years ago and my husband often used the family car for small animal hauling(besides the children). He got pulled over for something driving our busted -up Maverick and the cop wanted to see his vehicle registration. We always kept it clipped to the driver's sun visor. But it wasn't there and when my husband told the cop why--"My goat ate it" he quickly regretted telling the whole truth to that cop.

  • purplesofa

    One thing we have to do is stop trying to blame white people for everything.



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