Why did you leave the 'Organization'?

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  • punkofnice

    Being an elder really woke me up. The loyalty to the GB disturbed me. I wanted th shepherd the flock but had to obey pharisee laws from them. If there was a problem I wasn't allowed to use common sense but follow some proceedure in a watchtower or secret letter from WTB$ HQ. I now realise it's all legal stuff to avoid lawsuits (something they disguise as 'bringing reproach on the name of Jehovah (TM) ').

    Then there was the problem with HOLY SPIRIT. Another 'invisible' thing the WTB$ say exists when there can be no evidence.

    Why were 'wrongdoers' on a JC given for example, a 'public reproof' which was the desicion of the HOLY SPIRIT, then given 7 days to appeal? Was the HOLY SPIRIT on the fritz? Was god so stupid he'd change his mind?

    Finally there was the debarcle over buying some land for a new kingdumb hell. We prayed about it and god told us (apparently, although I didn't hear him), we could budget £600k.

    Then the CO came along the next week and told us we had misheard god and he had really said it was ok at £650k.

    This was a red flag to me. I didn't hear god. I saw no evidence of how he's worked or how the power tripping CO could make such a claim.

    ........................then there was the 'overlapping generations' and I said : 'Enough's enough. This is all delusional and cultish!'

    then I read up to chapter 4 in 'Combatting cult mind control', Steven Hassan and that was all I needed in proof the GB are frauds and who put the BS in WTBS?!?!?!?

  • cantleave

    Because Satan got to me!!

  • Gayle

    who put the BS in WTBS?!?!?!? ooooo - like that!! thx pon

  • finallysomepride

    Deep down I always knew it was BS, how I treated when I had cancer really startyed me thinking & in 2002 I never returned

  • thetrueone

    As I grew older within this organization I realized the WTS. full of maligning self supporting

    BS propaganda. The people that were endeavored to support this publishing company were being brain washed to help in the circulation of the WTS.

    published works. Since they are not getting paid to do so there had to be something else to proliferate the literature and that

    of course is careful mental manipulation using tactics of fear. Fear propagates the literature and controls individuals thinking patterns

    even to the extent of intensionally and deliberately lying for the organization, deemed Spiritual Warfare.

    This is where you'll clearly find the corruption and deceit of the Watchtower Corporation and there is much of it is known.

    The WTS. is an organization of lying right from the top of the Pyramid down to the lowly subservient mental working

    slaves it procures for itself.

  • thetrueone


  • C6H12O6

    • conditional love / lack of love
    • changing doctrines
    • beliefs that make absolutely no sense
    • disfellowshipping / disassociating policy
    • everything is done to benefit the WTBS
    • hypocrisy
    • lies
    • guilt trips
    • cliques
    • faulty science articles
    • discouraging higher education / college
    • making sacrifices that go underappreciated
    • being told that I'm never good enough
    • pressure to always do more
    • 2nd class citizen treatment towards females (especially older, single ones) and spiritual orphans / widows / widowers
    • playing favorites
    • narrow mindedness / black and white thinking
    • judgemental snobs
    • unhealthy sheltered life
    • spying / stalking
    • gossip / rumors / and gullibile "friends"
    • fake friends
    • subtle bullying / relational aggression
    • no "free" charity work done for the public and outside of the organization
    • discouraging giving money and time to charity and volunteering to "worldly charities and organizations"
    • paranoia
    • great tribulation / armageddon threats
    • squashes critical thinking and "independent thoughts"
    • causes depression

    I would list more, but it's starting to bring back very unpleasant memories.

  • prophecor

    I was wrong. Wouldn't serve as a hypocrite. Found JWD several years latter, found out how really wrong they were.

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Well having just read through all of you good peoples reasons for leaving I feel like a friggen stupid blind mind controlled idiot.

    I didnt jump but was pushed out-kind of felt like i had a few knives stuck in my back.Those knives are still there as i had tried to contact the elders who inserted these knives but they never returned my calls.i guess they dont want me back.Well its their loss.

    Having been a grew in what the hell did i know? why didnt i see the real truth? why didnt i give the judicial comitte exactly the right BS they wanted to hear that would have saved me from DF. Stupid me decided to just be honest with them and they knifed me in a flash. Wish i had just BS them and faded out under my own steam then i would see my children who now view me as worldly and that sucks.

    So officially i was pushed not jumped.

    BUT! knowing now what i do i would have left 25 years ago and had a life.

  • Nobleheart

    John 4:24 - JWs aren't worshipping in Spirit and truth (even though they're taught that and many sincerely believe so).

    Many of the doctrines/teachings aren't Bible based and end predictions have turned false = They aren't led by the spirit.

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