Why did you leave the 'Organization'?

by XPeterX 91 Replies latest jw friends

  • NewChapter

    Mammoths. I completely blame the mammoths.

  • safireblu64

    As in Wooly? lol

  • NewChapter

    ESPECIALLY the wooly's. Rotten beasts totally upset my happy little life!

  • safireblu64

    LOL!! I can't make the connection, unless you mean the GB is the woolys totally stomping all over you, but either way, that's hilarious! Mammoths! lmao!

  • NewChapter

    LOL, in a nutshell. I was walking through the natural history museum and made the connection. Humans hunted mammoths. But if mammoths died in the flood then humans would not have needed to hunt them for meat because they didn't eat meat until after the flood. Also, if the climate was all warm and happy, they wouldn't have needed the hides. Yet humans hunted mammoths. If they wanted to wear animal skins, Able herded sheep, so clearly they had domestic and less dangerous choices. Humans would only have needed mammoths after the flood, but they would have been dead. That was the start of it all, my critical thinking had been jump started. Soon after, everything else fell apart.


  • nugget

    I left for my children, for my sanity , and because I could not believe that a god who hated lying could be supportive of an organisation that lied routinely to it's members. One the level of duplicity is revealed and I realised I was being taken for a fool being asked to give my life to this I could not. This is not a benign faith it is actually harmful.

  • Giordano

    The triggers was the Blood issue and Armageddon, we wanted to start a family and I didn't think the blood issue was anything but a hebrew recipe. Drain the blood roast over a hot fire and season to taste. Who wants to die for that. So I said to my wife "New Rules" If Jesus didn't think it was important enough to mention it then it's not worth believing.

  • Alfred

    In my case I suspected something wasn't quite right in 2007 when 1935 was quietly swept under the rug when no one was looking. I then starting lurking on some sites for answers and stopped lurking in 2009... Then I received my April 15, 2010 study edition of the Watchtower and read the BS about the Overlapping Generations several times until I realized the WT was back-peddling again... I then read COC, In Search of, Gentile Times Reconsidered, Finished Mystery, a few rainbow books and that was it... My last meeting was on Sunday June 6, 2010... I walked out before the Public Talk finished... the speaker was rambling on about satellites being signs in the heavens... i just couldn't stomach it any more...

    can't wait until June 6, 2011 to celebrate my first anniversary of escaping the cult...

  • bigmac

    in the transition from boy to man i started to realise i simply did not believe in the concept of a god. this was a bit awkward as a pioneering jw min servant. it took a few years to make the connection----my whole life was based on a concept i had no faith --or interest in.

    eventually i got out---looking back , to me the whole religious propaganda package is a laughable nonsense. good riddance.

  • trillaz

    When I found out that there was a bait and switch. Had I known that the GB places itself in between God and man, I would have not joined. I think that indoictrination along with having family or marriage are what keep many in so that is not a big deal to them. However, I see now they are veiled. A popular saying for a JW that does not vote in political elections is that they have "voted for Jesus". But this is only half true. A JW votes for Jesus through the GB.

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