Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • ShirleyW

    Anybody familiar with Gordon Lewis? Last time I heard and that was about nine years ago he was in a southern state, could've been South Carolina or Virginia, his wife's name is Risi.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away



    Hearst-- from the assembly hall stage warned the brothers to stay away from his "beautiful wife" (ugly woman, sorry no other word for it), uglier adult daughter always came along until she "found someone to ring her bell". Yes, he said that from the platform.

    Gary May, deceased

    John Crispin

    Joseph Codespoti

    Larry and Pam Minor-- retired to care for parents, from congregation I was baptized in

    Thomas and Marion Chin

    Jonathan Tucker-- retired when his wife had a stroke


    Rodriguez taught at my pioneer school

    Bob and Dot Murdock (Substitute)

    Mosher taught at my pioneer school

    Nick (deceased) and Sharon Charlowe (substitute)


    Illingworth (D.O.)

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Bradford & Village Idiot, I remember a DO named George Cook. I think he could speak modern Greek; might have been from Greece, but didn't have an accent or anything that would make that obvious.

    We had a George Cook as CO and his wife was named Joan. Very pompous and loved being the star of the show as did his wife.

    He was the one who after the meeting, scolded my Mom and some of the older Sisters who had arranged a 50's party for us teens. We rarely ever got to do anything but this time we dressed up in 1950's clothes ( greasers, cheerleaders, Bobby soxers, Lettermen) and we did 50's dances. I kid you not, He actually said that instead of emulating the world, we should have dressed as the Pioneers and Missionaries of the day and listened to Kingdom Melodies of that era. He claimed that the dances weren't fitting for young ministers of Jehovah and said such activities would distract us young ones from the urgency of the times. We couldn't believe it !

    This guy used to wear brightly colored 3 piece suits during his visits and his wife (Joan) used to wear Women's Fedora style hats with big Pheasant feathers that would practically be in the faces of the people sitting behind her during the meeting. She had long red fingernails which were a distraction to the householders at the door as she turned the pages of the Bible or the Literature. She also had a rather big caboose and was often squeezed into suits with straight skirts that she'd long since grown out of. My Mother (bless her) mentioned this to "Brother"Cook after he finished berating she and the other sisters about the 50's party.

    My Mother was tall blonde and very elegant. She had a European accent. ( think of a blond Audry Hepburn) She was very articulate, quick witted and clever. Although she was respectful, she'd easily put any brother in his place if he took the headship thing too far with her which happened from time to time because my Dad was not a JW and the brothers viewed her as a single woman or widow.

    In this instance, she said to Brother Cook "If it's distractions and what's befitting of a minister you're worried about, I suggest you take a look at your wife's tight skirts, large feathered hats and blood red fingernails and ask yourself If she portrays herself as a Minister or even the wife of a Minister when she's at the doors. For that matter, what must people around here think when you show up to their modest homes wearing a nearly pink suit. (it was salmon colored actually but some would call it pink). His face was priceless...he had nothing to say because it was all true and he was totally out of line and he knew it.

    We all just walked away rolling our eyes thinking what an ass he was and cheering inside for what my Mom said.

    This incident and many others like it, is why it was particularly galling for me to see the videos of the line dancing and Motown dance lessons taking place in the Halls last year during the International Assemblies.

  • sparrowdown
    Terry and Helen Grundy.
  • Dunedain

    I remember a brother Conti, from many years ago, probably over 30. Northeast, tri-state area. He was a monster. I can actually remember pioneer sisters, saying "i am scared of him". I was like 10 years old, and those comments still stay with me 30 years later, lol.

    I remember when Conti was visiting for the week, and it was the Thursday night service meeting. he was up on the stage giving his talk, and there was a brother walking around, in the back of the hall. Mind you, this brother was a ministerial servant, and was DOING STUFF, for the meeting. Like either the sound, or getting some wires ready for the next part. In the CO's mind, HE SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS, so i remember Bro Conti, stopping his talk, mid-talk, and saying, " I AM GOING TO WAIT TO CONTINUE, UNTIL THIS BROTHER SITS DOWN", and very loudly. The brother, who was involved, intensively with getting the equipment ready, in the back, is not even realising whats going on. So then Conti, literally, starts shaking the change in his pocket, louDER and LOUDER, until its at an absurd point. Now remember this is up on the stage, essentially stopping the meeting, dead in its tracks, to try and FORCE this brother, thru shame, to sit down, but mind you, the brother was doing his job, to get everything ready for the next part. It was ridiculous.

    During this week that Conti was there, i happened to have the "luck" of working with him out in service. I was like 9 or 10 years old, my Dad was an Elder, so it was my "privilege" to work with him. Well at one door, Conti read the householder a scripture, and then asked him a question about the scripture, and the householder answered the question wrong. Conti then proceeded to tell the householder, "no you are wrong, see you arent even paying attention, Gods kingdom will be on EARTH, as it is in heaven".

    What a psycho, you go to someones house, on a Saturday, wake them up, bother them, and instead of them kicking you off their stairs, they listen to your Bullshit, AND then you berate them for not knowing/answering your bullshit questions right. Looking back, its actually sick behavior.

  • Dissonant15

    From the Northeast:

    Cooks (he was an overweight man)

    _ & Marilyn Hughes (up tight couple, black hair, she a real psycho-bitch)

    The decrepit Conti

    Billy Kim Nichols and his stressed out wife with the Bells Palsy

    Mark & Wendy Fairweather (younger chill couple, everyone's fav)

    DO Mezacek

    LeBels (small blonds, called em "LaDouche," he was always power tripping, she was promoting INSANE health/wellness ideas-forbade microwaves)

  • bradford
    It was George Cook I believe but it was like 12 years ago when I was studying so I could be wrong. I think I also has a DO last name Thompson and possibly Splane as either a DO or guest speaker at the Natick assembly hall in Mass. Hard to remember now.
  • Lied2NoMore
    I noted Dean Bourne listed by more than a few, I grew up with them, they stayed in our home when he was a CO, went to the same KH for several years. He was a good friend of my dad. Good man, large heart, riveting speaker.
  • JustMe2

    Some from between 1968 and 1985 (I don't remember the names of those from after 1985 to about 2005):

    Fred and Mildred Schilling

    ? and Lou Walker

    DiCinti (DeCinti?)

    Barry and Kitty Sobieski

    John and Diana Peterson

    Don and Natasha Amy

    Henry and ? Casper

    John (and Ruth) Chimiklis

    Joseph Scaglione (circuit or district?)

    Jerry and Chris Crana

    John and Anne Arbore (Pioneer School--from a neighboring circuit)

  • JustMe2

    Substitute C.O.s:

    David Tennent

    Alan Sexton

    Nat Gulotta

    C.O. or D.O.:

    (Frank???) Bartell

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