Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Oh ya the titanic - I still haven't watched it

    the ex and I got on his good side by saying we didn't have a tv and had no desire to watch that movie.

  • Apognophos

    I suppose I can say, without risk to myself, that it was Br. Friedman I was working with in service when he complimented a woman on her porch railing: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/experiences/255685/5/During-Your-IN-Years-If-You-Had-Anointed-At-Your-Hall-What-Were-They-Like (I was feeling cautious and used fake initials for the names in that post). Just in case anyone else finds that amusing or has any other odd anecdotes about him they would like to share.

  • Londo111

    Not that I'm a huge fan of the movie, but what did he have against Titanic?

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Funny sounds like him. Makes me understand why he and my ex got along so well. He was the first person my ex called when I left him

  • Shador

    @ Londo

    Basically I remember his gripe boiling down to 2 things:

    1. It has a sex scene.

    2. It's basically a woman telling the story of how she had an affair. That her husband was a dick does not justify it (WT view).

    I don't really know. I never saw the movie even to this day. There's easier ways these days to see tits than sitting through a 2-1/2 hour movie, and really that would be the only reason I would watch it.

  • Apognophos

    He hated that many JWs had seen it, considering that it apparently promotes adultery (haven't seen it myself). And there's a nude scene. But Witnesses would hand-wave that away and justify seeing it because it was popular and wasn't rated R.

    The truth is, he was right, it was hypocritical for JWs to act like the movie was okay. I still think that if someone is going to profess and preach certain beliefs, they should stick to them and not make excuses. But I had no idea that he gave the same rant at every Hall, that's really funny.

    Edit: Cross-post. But look how well we remember his tirade!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I asked him how he knew what was so bad if he never saw it? He said a brother he trusted felt guily for not walking out and told him....

  • Lynnie

    Was John Casino in the Pacific NW? I seem to remember him well. What about Kin and MaryJo Sueon (pronouced Shin)?

    I have a great story about Kin, he wanted me to be his mistress! No lie! Just made me wonder how many other ones he


  • Oubliette

    He said a brother he trusted felt guilty for not walking out and told him....

    Yeah, right!

  • TMS

    Just a few observations on those mentioned so far that I recognized, not all I've known. All of those I mention were observed as an adult since my youthful impression might be different. It won't be all negative. Without an assembly program in front of me, the spelling may vary.

    Don Graeber: My age. We pioneered in neighboring congregations in Arkansas in the early 70's. Don and Shirley were humble, conscientious, straight-laced. Don worked hard at public speaking, but was not naturally gifted. They went to Bethel as a couple. I ran into Don a couple decades later. He gave a talk at an assembly as a District Overseer and he sounded like one. Originally from Oregon.

    Don Farmer: Very meticulous with his personal belongings, car, trailer, etc. Sometimes viewed as arrogant, but I didn't pick up on that. A so-so public speaker. When the water pump malfunctioned at our rural Kingdom Hall during his visit, he took it apart, formed a gasket out of gasket paper and made a repair. Don was not hyper, more laid back. His wife was a photographer who did not hide her fondness for The Beatles.

    Gene Shalkoski: Definitely old school, somewhat self-righteous. He liked to keep publishers, especially elders out in field service beyond their comfort zone. We once worked five hours in door-to-door after a Sunday meeting. I'm not certain what he was trying to prove, but no one wanted to be the first to suggest we call it a day.

    Kenneth Dull: From the Seattle area. We met him, though in south Texas, his second circuit. He did not have a trailer then, staying with publishers in their homes. He was very conservative, not impressed with gladhanders or brothers with money.

    Koinjavich: District Overseer. Total asshole. He had a fetish about the microphone cord. Met him when I was an established elder. Not impressed.

    Fred Lanier: Fatherly. Wife: Gloria, I think. Possibly from Georgia.

    Eugene Brandt: sort of legendary District Overseer. He married a sister from San Antonio, but originally from Philadelphia. Very good speaker, but not enjoyable on a personal level. He was reduced to Circuit Overseer briefly as sort of a punishment for some indiscretion. At least that's what he told a couple of us.

    I'll stop there. . . . . . .tms

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