Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • the comet
    the comet

    From the late 80's to late 90's in the Midwest

    shaw-first co I remember, seemed like a nice guy

    Parrish-no real memories of him

    Christian-I was a kid but caused quite a stir in our hall, almost broke up the congregation

    Keith Macaslin-wife was from the Philippines. He was a huge jerk, full of himself. I remember he stopped his Sunday talk, because some kids weren't paying attention. He told us the information he was giving was life saving and if we weren't going to take it seriously we need to leave the hall! Right in the middle of his talk. He would get mad if people put their bibles away and got out their songbooks at the end of his talk. He would tell us, he'll tell us when to do that.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Koinjavich (DO and insensitive ahole)

    That rings a bell.. Wasn't his name Ron and his wife Eileen?

    As I recall they liked golf.......and top shelf vodka martinis.

    I have a hard time imagining them still "in", unless their just riding the gravy train.


    Several mentioned (Gene) Shoalkowski (sp?) He was kind of a kickass old guy for his age. Prob dead by now. (Paradise via the "underground".)


    I also faintly remember Catanzaro. Surely also dead.


    Also Joe Scaglione. Also probably dead. Not sure if he had any children. I think he has a nephew around Atlanta.


    Bob Selee -- I recall Gene Seele (and Dolly -- what sweetheart)


    Anyone know of Nolan & Daisy Jo Wiggins? They were a hoot!


    MAGNUM: Bradford & Village Idiot, I remember a DO named George Cook. I think he could speak modern Greek; might have been from Greece, but didn't have an accent or anything that would make that obvious.

    I recall Geo Cook. Seems his wife was Greek. He was certainly old school hardliner.


    Doc (who didn't realize this post started FIVE YEARS AGO)

  • DesirousOfChange

    Pete ZaHut: My Mother was tall blonde and very elegant. She had a European accent. ( think of a blond Audry Hepburn) She was very articulate, quick witted and clever. Although she was respectful, she'd easily put any brother in his place if he took the headship thing too far with her which happened from time to time because my Dad was not a JW and the brothers viewed her as a single woman or widow.

    In this instance, she said to Brother Cook "If it's distractions and what's befitting of a minister you're worried about, I suggest you take a look at your wife's tight skirts, large feathered hats and blood red fingernails and ask yourself If she portrays herself as a Minister or even the wife of a Minister when she's at the doors. For that matter, what must people around here think when you show up to their modest homes wearing a nearly pink suit. (it was salmon colored actually but some would call it pink). His face was priceless...he had nothing to say because it was all true and he was totally out of line and he knew it.


    Pete: Nothing to add to that other than it's freaking priceless. Love your mom already!


  • smiddy

    Bungi Bill

    I remember the name Rex Mainwaring I was in S.E.Qld for many years. , 1970-1993 . I remember Bob Blackstock , Dave Madzay , Ted , Neville , Bromwich , A few others on the tip of my tongue , just cant recall offhand.


  • Bobcat

    Tom Rucker

    Larry and Susie King


  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Darrell Pickens - unloving, not friendly, had my crying for weeks

    Kenneth Williams - Good to me and my wife. Called and talked to her personally about some health issues to help her cope.

    Jerry Luckett - A real people person. Love to go places with the friends, and play sports with them.

    John Graeff - He liked me and offered to help me one time lay down a water line. His wife was a real sweetheart

    Thomas Rucker - Stilled talked about in this area after leaving here 2 years ago. A real people person

    Lou Puerini - Thick Northern accent, but great to be around. His wife Dale reached out to help a lot of Sisters

    Don Wallace - Never gave a bad talk.

    Jim Crosley - A very loving Brother. My wife told him once he looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll, he said "I guess I do"

    Ken Karras - Well polished company man

  • Dissonant15
    We also had Sextons & Sobieskis. Laaaaaaaaame.
  • blondie

    Madzay is that the jw business I hear about?

    Konjevich was single when he was in our area. The single sisters were all after him in the circuit. Eventually he married a pioneer sister in another circuit that followed him around from place to place, cleaning toilets at the assemblies to highlight her humility. She was supposedly blonde and very goodlooking.

    Cobos (Kobos) was a DO in this area with his wife Paula. Seemed nice but you never know what is behind the outward person. He ended up leaving and worked with Dave Sopiwnik who runs a travel agency out of Illinois; Ruben worked the California area.

    Don Breaux had his first assignment in circuit work in this area, he and wife in their mid 20's. Was a golden time in the 70's. Eventually they went to Ohio and ended up in Florida, divorced. She was bipolar and was not too stable. That was sad.

  • snugglebunny
    Albert Broad, John Blaney, John Metcalf, Stan Reynolds, Ernie Elliot, Ernie Beavor, Tug Wilson, Don Moore. I think that they changed around every 2 years.
  • Bobcat

    James Jack:

    Thomas Rucker - Stilled talked about in this area after leaving here 2 years ago. A real people person

    I agree to. Larry & Susie were also very good. Recently retired from CO work now. I imagine Tom must also be near retirement too.

    Most of the new ones I see seem to be pure company men. Some have their good points, yet, married to the bOrg, thru and thru.


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