Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • rubadubdub

    Random order over 42 years:

    Gary May, Single brother. Made comment from the platform that our congregation was like a circus, and we should sell popcorn in the aisles. (Deceased.)

    John Crispen

    Descenti (Sp?)


    Larry and Pam Minor Reg. Pioneers from congregation where I was baptized. Now serving their last assignment. Resigning to help care for aging parents with Alzheimer's Disease. Nice couple.

    Hood Pointed out a bare spot in the paint on my living room ceiling as he walked in the door for lunch. Told me to treat my hubby as an "UBM".

    Heurst Ugly wife. Ugly daughter. Warned brothers to stay away from his beautiful wife. Adult daughter came with them until she found someone that "rang her bell". Yes, he said that from the platform.

    Wise Made my eye twith. Control freak.

    Jackson Black brother, shy wife

    Thomas Chin Company man. Talked way too fast. Kind to me. Wife a health food nut like me and into some weird holistic health practices.

    Rodrigues (pronounced Rodericks) Taught my pioneer school

    Mosher Co-taught my pioneer school. Kind elderly man. Sat down to lunch with me and told me a heartbreaking personal story. Tried to "encourage" me because of situation with my "UBM".

    Nick and Sharon Charlow. (Substitute C.O.) Hung out with them when he came "in". Nick taught me to play the flute. Funny story. He was new in The Lie. We we going door to door in hazy, hot and humid summer. We were standing in the sun witnessing to two Catholic women for a long time. I started to brown out. I decided to rest my forehead on a cool iron railing in the shade next to the house. One of the women looked at Nick in an accusatory fashion and asked, "Is she pregnant???" Nick threw up his hands, looked terrified, and said, "I don't know!!!" as if to say, 'It's not my fault!' I was in my first trimester and had not told anyone yet. Poor guy. They offered me a glass of O.J. Perked me up. (Nick is now disceased.)

    Tucker Tall Texan. Wife Wilma had a stroke while serving a neighboring congregation. They had to leave the circuit work.

    Marlowe Nice guy.

    Bob and Dot Murdock (Substitute) Nice Couple. I remember when Bob came "in".

    Joe Codespoti Wife Marge. Left C.O. work when she got pregnant. Wife later died of cancer. Much loved in our circuit. He may have returned as a Substitute.



  • applehippie

    I remember a few names from your list...Tucker especially since we had him for 2 different circuits, in CT and then again in NY. He reprimanded me once for allowing my 12 ear old daughter to wear lipgloss to the meeting.

    May lived in the apartment at the KH in Hamden. Funny story about May, he was rather persnickety and ran the sisters ragged with his requirements per meals and houskeeping- my sister changed his sheets and short-sheeted him.Don't piss my sister off- she will find a way to pay you back.

    Forgot about Hood until I saw your list.

  • Fernando

    As a 3rd generation born in with more than 4 decades as a Watchtower follower, which ended mid-2009, I remember only one name!

    Howard Cox.

    A company yes man, in whom I apparently saw far more good than there really ever was.

    In the end he was without any real solution or interest, siding with clearly evil hounders. Plenty knowledge in select areas, but no spirituality or substance. Apparently others had far worse experiences with him.

    Never a CO worshipper, I remember being distinctly unimpressed by all the hypocritical window dressing and cover-ups ahead of a CO visit.

    I suppose bureaucratic company rules (read legalism) and religiosity made it difficult for genuine honesthearted CO's to make a real difference in a crisis.

    (Why does the "true religion" secretly blind its followers to the "Good News" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Sam Robertson

    Don Avenon worse speaker ever!

    Brother Thyme out of Oregon

    Brother Mega

    Hucklebery (bee)


    Brown (Black Brother) now he is a DO

    Arlin Meir

    another ten due to our zone.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    The ones I can remember:











  • Pistoff

    From the time machine:

    60's--Schuler, Vigg, Weining, Bourne

    Others of note:

    Falkowski (a real nice guy), Kuss (single, seemed SSA), Milliken (a real sourpuss), Bill Brandt (a killjoy)

    Gary West, anyone else had him? He was anointed, wife was cranky (did not like kids) but he was a good speaker. The only CO I ever heard cuss from stage, only a few heard it.


    Jack Thomas, corrupt to the bone.

  • bigmac

    Our new C.O. is from the Isle of Wight. Maybe you know him BigMac, Philip Rose.

    sorry George--never heard of him--but then ive been out of the loop for over 30 years lucky me lol

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    I remember a Hood - outdated drawings on poster board for his talks?

    Nardolillo (sp?) was my pioneer school teacher and C.O. At some point. I wonder if any others from my pio school have left. Mid 90's. New England area.

  • Pistoff

    From rubadubdub:

    "Made comment from the platform that our congregation was like a circus, and we should sell popcorn in the aisles."

    What a jerk that guy must have been.

    I really came to loathe CO's when they came around.

    I had one ask me if I was keeping my hours down to avoid being appointed an elder, and if I was, I was all washed up anyway, wasn't going to make it to the new system.

  • tiki

    Someone mentioned Dennis Raftopolous - we had him too....I remember him as being nice.

    the very first I was aware of was Lester Lee Roper....I was a little kid. Nick Calagaris? Is that a name of one....short dark complected guy....

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