Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • DaCheech
    I haven't talked to a CO in over 25 years and their names are gone from my memory, which tells me they did nothing memorable

    this is so funny, because last week our sunday talk speaker asked everyone: "do you guys know the names of the nobel peace prize winners from x,y,z,zz, years ago", but do you know the names of the faithful ones from the bible, moses, etc"?, "it show how people famous in the world mean nothing"

    on top of what you said, there's this circuit oveseer who is now district overseer, and his name slips my memory. guess their accomplishments are not so high either

  • undercover

    Man, I was around for years and years and I can't hardly remember any names...

    I recognized these that were mentioned previously:

    Jesse Cantwell, Hardesty rings a bell for some reason, Ray Hayes - I remember him, the thumbless CO, and Kevin Wright I remember well, USDA Choice Grade A Extra Large Asshole...

    I remember Bob Selee (sp?) and a Johnson...yea, yea I know, Johnsons are a dime a dozen. All I remember was he was black and single. And then there was the ancient of ancients, last name Steel. He was a missionary brought home...too old for missionary work so they put him out to pasture in the circuit work. All he ever did do was tell experiences of being a missionary.

  • JWoods

    Most of the ones I remember are probably out of service or dead by now - but especially I recall:

    L. D. Bell - Dave Wetzler - Bennett - Ranier. All in central Oklahoma late 1960s, 1970s era.

  • DaCheech

    I can't even recall the names of the people doing the talks in the arsemblies

  • Quirky1

    Damn...my memory is fading..I remember a David Martin, I think, and that's it. I left as soon as the new one was appointed and do not remember anyone prior to Martin unless I would see their name then I would know.

  • Girlie

    Bro. Farmer (a very nice and gentle guy. His wife rocked some matching hats with her suits)

    Bro. George (single CO. Sisters lined up to get him to reconsider his single status)

    Bro. Brayboi (sp?)

    Bro. Hawkins (who died I believe either last year or 2 years ago. He was very outspoken and ruffled some of the friends feather with some of his comments and speeches. lol)

    Bro. Flowers

    Those are the only ones I can remember during my time in.

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    I hated all of them. They seemed old, staid and fuddy-duds. They also came over

    our house a lot and ate VAST amounts of food and hinted that they needed gas money,

    even though my family was virtually on the poverty line.

  • sd-7

    Leavingwt--Muscoe Barber is in my old/former circuit or district now. He was my CO when I was a kid--the sisters were all over that guy 'cause he wasn't married yet. He's married now with some kids, still doing parts on assemblies and conventions, though.

    Let's see...

    I think we had Illingsworth, too. Then there was...Patterson, Meekens, Jackson (there was a DO named Jackson who was like the only black DO I've ever seen), Coleman, Larkin, and last one was Sherman. He's still around. Infamous with me for his quotable: "You don't deserve a vacation! That's Satan's thinking!"

    Small world, indeed.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew



  • Hecklerboy

    Anyone have a Don Culp as C.O. in their area?

    He's the bother I studied with and I was good friends with his daughter. Of course now she'll have nothing to do with me.

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