Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • Hecklerboy

    Minimus said: "Don Culp ALWAYS had young boys around him. He often would give them back rubs. A few elders talked to him about it when he was an elder. Jim Hossel was his best friend."

    Must be a different Don Culp. This guy looks just like Steve Martin. He's been mistaken for him on numerous occasion. He never had you boys around him and was a solid family man. I have to admit he is one of the genuine good guys. Although he totaly beleive it all he never the less is a great guy.

  • minimus

    Same guy. don was an ok guy, very sharp. But he was always rubbing young boy's backs and shoulders. It was widely talked about when he was an elder.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I'm willing to bet that few-to-none of these guys would show up on a google search; a scathing tesatment to their lives' contribution to humanity.

  • blondie

    There was a Donald Culp who is the ex-brother-in-law of Mark Palo; Culp has progressed on to being a CO and now a DO. Same guy?

  • minimus

    same guy,,,, DO now? Impressive!

  • Mary

    From Canada, here's a few I can remember:

    • Brother Rosem
    • Don Rairie (scumbag who screwed ALOT of brothers out of ALOT of money with his 'Trimline' business)
    • Larry Ericson (another asshole who deleted more elders in Southern Ontario than all other CO's combined. He gave them all an ultimatum if they worked shiftwork: quit the job, or get deleted as an elder)
    • Zanawich
  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I was in the Pittsburgh area, only for a short time (98-07). Here is all the CO's I had:

    Fred Lanier (Laneer?) - Big fellow, rather friendly. My bible study conductor brought him over my house before I was baptized.

    Norman Mosher (Moser?) - Older widow, used to be a school teacher. He instructed my pioneer school. Very friendly and accessible.

    Richard Leighton - This guy really liked to make life miserable. I was a MS during his visits. Would really tell everybody off, complain about how lazy they were, ect. He was really stuck in a 50s mentality, subjection of women, etc. Never really talked to him much other than going out in service a few times. His talks would mainly complain that things "used to be better." Lots of stories about how out there this guy was.

    Favorite quote during a public talk, used to tell us how close we are to "the end":

    "They used to make school buildings tall, and they were cheap to heat, and kids got lots up exercise going up and down the stairs. Now they make school buildings long, and kids don't get enough exercise, and they are more expensive to heat."

    I also remember him reading a poem that was probably written back in the early 1980s. It complained that "things are different from the good ol' days." One specific line:

    "I remember when a rabbit was a rabbit, and not a car"

    This was before the VW rabbit was reissued a few years back. Somehow he needed to complain about the name of the car 20 years after it had stopped being made.

    Of course he also gave that infamous CO talk about people having sex with animals (05, 06?).

    I also remember John Crispin was the DO for a while. I believe he was from California. There was another DO, guy was bald, told terrible jokes (including a cheap pun that related to his name somehow). Can't remember him...

  • isaacaustin

    aquagirl, check you pm!

  • Jim_TX

    I don't really remember many (if any) of the D.O's or C.O.'s - but when someone mentioned 'Sealey' and 'Brandt', I do seem to remember these names.

    I believe Brandt (didn't ever know their first names, it was always 'brother') was the D.O way back in the late 60's here in Texas.

    Sealey - was a C.O. about the same time - didn't they have numbers for the circuits... like Circuit 8 - or somesuch?

    There were a few other names mentioned in this thread that I've either heard before - or the fellas served time in this area.

    It was always interesting when they 'moved' the fellas around. I could never figure out if it was because they were getting too comfortable in one area, or had done something (or not done something) to warrant the move.

    Of course... this is coming from someone who never amounted to anything more than a 'publisher', and always tried to keep a low profile, not drawing any undue attention to myself.


    Jim TX

  • RR
    RL Jones. He was very nice.

    Hmmmm .... was that Robert Jones, a black brother? I may have known him. If it was, he was a bethelite, who served as a P.O. in my congregation in the Bronx, NY.

    I also had Langely and Warenchuck (sp). LKangely eventually became DO in New Jersey. I didn't care for him much. He came to New Jersey, the hall we had was an old house, there was an elderly couple who lived upstairs and took care of the premises, he was also an elder. When the Langely's came, they made them move out, and they took over the apartment, which as you know is only a temporary residence for a CO. I felt bad for this couple.


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