Who Are Your Past Circuit Overseers? It's a small world..

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Anyone know or heard of Ken Chin, C.O.? I would have to say he was one of my favorite traveling servants. Approachable, kind, not a harsh word from the platform. It was like..... his agenda was to build up.

    Ah, the memories!

  • wobble

    I go back so far,fossilised old fart that I am, that here in the U.K I remember the famous John Blaney, and many who came after him, Albert Broad, and latterly Alex Docherty.(Spelling?)

    It seems to me looking back that over the years they got blander and more boring and were made up of "Society Men" who cared little for people in reality.

  • jookbeard

    from the UK in no particular order the oldest ones first;

    Philip North

    Mel Parkin

    Denis Ashby

    Danny Owens

    Micheal Purprick (ass wipe)

    Micheal Hodgson

    Dutton and Carter DO's

    Peter Nicholls

    Jeff Young(my ex wife had a fixation with him)/Anthony Kendall (memory!)-apparently wanted to meet with me after my apostatizing I declined

    Paul Presland

    Ron Bicknell - served as the chairman on my JC appeal decent man.

    Alan Stokes

    Peter Howells

  • bigmac

    i'm on the Isle of Wight, England, UK.

    i remember John Blaney here more than 30 years ago: my young daughter called him "brother Blimey"--nice one, wonder where she got it from ?

    has any UK reader come across Michael Ganderton? he was in the same cong here, but last i heard he was a circ berk.--south west England i think.

  • finallysomepride


    I remember Gunter Matsura well ,last heard of (In the early 80's) he was liveing in Austria.

    Nice guy i liked him alot.

    Do you remember "Han's Hubler''?


    Hi Karter, I do know of Han's Hubler but not very well as I was exiting (slowly) in the 80s.

    Gunter was a great speaker especially when he got onto the subject of living under the communists in E. Germany.

    I remember he once owned a Mini Copper.


  • ÁrbolesdeArabia


    Most of the ones I remember are probably out of service or dead by now - but especially I recall:

    L. D. Bell - Dave Wetzler - Bennett - Ranier. All in central Oklahoma late 1960s, 1970s era." James Wood how old was "Ranier" when you had him?

    Someone else had Arlin Meir too, Ranier and Meir both served in the far North of California after Ranier came back from the Mid West. Meir I heard was in North and South Dakota and finally went into retirement.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    We remember Chuck Volarz- He was one of Hubby's pioneer school instructors.

    Gene Fields- mid 90's real jerk. had a 'boy's club set up in our circuit and would only use those brothers for parts on conventions/assemblies.

    Donald Culp, sounds familiar. Ours did look like Steve Martin and wore really bright colored ties.

    Voake was another one. Nice guy until you dared to go after an elder for lying to you. I don't remember his first name tho.

    We had a DO by the name of David Brooks, can't forget him he was like 7 ft tall.

    Paul Smith- mid 80's??? real jerk. Wouldn't allow breaks. If he didn't like what the sisters were serving him, said so loudly and refused to eat it.

    After 49 years, those are the only ones that stand out.

  • Londo111

    I had Sam Herd as a DO as well.

    I believe that my circuit was RL Jones' last. I think his son was a missionary. Last I heard, he retired in San Francisco? I might have misheard. I liked him. Of course, I wasn't awakened at the time. Once, he said from the platform something like: 'Sometimes the brothers on the GB don't really get the struggles of the common JW, and how tired and weighed down you are with jobs and family responsibilities.' NOT an exact quote...just the gist of what he said. He tried being 'reasonable' sometimes...instead of going out every Sunday in service, he suggested maybe just go out one Sunday. Of course, he could be abrasive at times as well. He said in a comment during the Watchtower, "You could either be stuck at home, all depressed and bipolar--or get out and pioneer."

    From the 70’s and 80’s I remember:


    Rogers (claimed to be anointed)

    Busby (started to develop dementia while serving our circuit)

    Karris (was very influential on a number of elders in the circuit, many emulated his speaking style)

    In the 90’s, I remember Mallet—he was our circuit’s first black CO and he was quite a hit. Very charismatic.

    I had moved from that particular circuit, but I heard quite a bit about the last CO, Findley, through those in my former circuit who had him. He evidently made up stories all the time. He was the one who said the GB and Gilead grads were in the World Trade Center lobby when the plane hit on 9/11 and that “9/11 was an attack on Jehovah’s Organization.” If anybody has Findley…I’d love to hear what sort of stories he is telling now. Lies, but entertaining nonetheless.

  • daringhart13

    Woodley - Nice old man; had to be counseled by our BOE for being too friendly with young girls....but was just a nice, lonely old guy

    Don Auvinon - Weird guy, super quiet; didn't get to know anyone

    Milovsky - Extremely talented speaker that truly cared about people.....I became very close to him; I bleed for that guy... what a wasted life....talented. The only guy to make phone calls to me after I left. Wasn't even serving in our state. He finally gave up.

    Michas - A former opera singer. Nice enough guy, but I was a kid...... what a wasted life.

    Guy Pearce - He made me give up sports as an MS...... otherwise, he didn't seem to like service....he always requested to go on a break; sometimes right after a meeting for service LOL.

    ...and now for my favorite:

    Roger Triplette - That is one troubled, messed up guy. Smug, arrogant, downright cruel to people. He is now living a few miles away. One of the key reasons for me leaving the cult. He opened a door for me and my family the other night at a restaurant......my mother looked at me in horror to see if I noticed him...........I hadn't........but then I did..........she was sure I was going to beat his ass right then and there. I just looked at him and said "you sorry old F**K" ............he just went in.

    Milovsky and Triplette were rivals.......they had epic disagreements at Pioneer School right in front of the group. Triplette needs his ass beat........just a total jerk to everyone he speaks to.

  • Dazeds Better Half
    Dazeds Better Half

    Omg Gene and shirley fields. We loved them :) he was our co in Cali. Then briefly our DO in Colorado before being reassigned to some Bethel facility.

    Razor - c.o. In CO, he was a jerk :P

    batagliah - we were his first C.O. assignment

    right now we have Lemming, I think anyway, kind of out of touch. He might be the DO.

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