Damage Control on Secret Societies

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  • palmtree67


    Since you have insulted me and judged me unworthy of God's affection, I again ask you this question that you so artfully dodged on the last thread:


    Doctrine will always be debated. There's too much room for interpretation.

    Which do you think God is more interested in:

    1. The spiritual person who is truly searching for Him, but is not sure of his exact nature, so he tries to apply Bible principles to the best of his ability and does good to others.


    2. The baptised JW who backstabs his brothers and gives others the cold shoulder, and makes little or no attempt to do good to others beyond field service on Saturday mornings.

    Jesus didn't say "come to my organization" or "come to my church".

    He said, "Come to me."


    Your posts here seem to indicate that you feel anything done in the WTS is okay adn they are above being questioned by anyone, because they are God's channel. I'm assuming you think #2 is correct. That it doesn't matter what kind of person you are as long as you are JW and beleive the Governing Body are specially chosen.

    I think this because of this comment of your's:

    If a person has Jehovah's holy spirit they know the Governing Body (the administrative position) isn't corrupt because that's a fundamental channel God operates through.

    Did you mean to say that only JW's have holy spirit? Or would you like to revise that statement?

  • alice.in.wonderland

    " Like palmtree said, prove it. Doesn't all of this boil down to this belief? Where's the proof to back up this assertion? Which leads me to a comment I made in reference to "God's true ogranization" on another of your threads: The belief that God must have one true organization on Earth is only an assumption. Taking other people's assumptions as facts makes you a fool and sets you up to be manipulated. Taking your own assumptions as facts makes you willfully ignorant. What do you say for yourself on my questions and statements?"

    If someone is a sincere truth seeker and they come in contact with the truth, once they're advanced to a certain point, they try and give testimony to others. At that point it's only an assumption. It only makes sense for those that discovered universal truth to share this with others and unite in an organized manner.

    This is the general stance of most atheists because of their religious exposure to Christendom's churches:


    Most major religions have believed in the existence of a supernatural realm, a realm beyond the natural world of physical objects and bodies governed by causal laws, the world we perceive with our senses and can study by rational methods. Some religions posit a personal god (or gods); others believe in impersonal supernatural forces. (See George Walsh, The Role of Religion in History, chapter 1.) Objectivism rejects any notion of the supernatural as incompatible with the objectivity and regularity of nature as identified by reason. There is no credible evidence of miracles, magic, or other supernatural phenomena in nature.

    The dominant forms of religion in our culture posit a personal god, a Supreme Being, who created the world, is omnipotent and omniscient, imposes moral duties on man, and expects worship. Those who accept this idea have the burden of showing why such a hypothesis is necessary. In this regard, Objectivists are atheists because the arguments for the existence of such a being are not sound. Objectivists reject the existence of God for the same reason they reject the existence of elves, leprechauns, and unicorns: because there is no credible evidence of such beings.

    The biggest obstacle to most of the proof/ evidence (science based) atheists or agnostics is they haven't observed or experienced any intervention from God in society or in their personal life so they're left with a lot of unanswered questions. This is not the case in Jehovah's Organization.

    The truth of the matter, is God has a powerful method of revealing his existence to faithful men of old as well as his modern day human subjects:

    On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

    Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld. For by means of this the men of old times had witness borne to them. Hebrews 11:1-2

    Whether someone chooses to investigate this themselves is entirely up to them.



    And what religion do you belong to OUTLAW or are you athiest of agnostic?

    Don't tell me you're so mentally deficient and your head is so full of apostate junk you don't know...that's not an excuse.

    I've also asked people to tell me what ever they want without all the insidious judgmental remarks, insults,

    name calling, profanity: all that does is indicate a person is intellectually bankrupt with little next zero to logic to back an argument.

    And someone has the nerve to call me a troll.

    Once again both posts are from you..

    Your probably used to being called a Hypocrite..

    Athiest of Agnostic..??

    Anyone who expects to be taken seriously,would not post something that stupid..

    I`m agnostic..

    No doubt you`ll have to look that word up.Do you know what a dictionary is?..

    You will need a much better Education,to debate most of the people here..

    Hammer  Head This is`nt Watchtower World..Hammer  Head


    Stupid is Admired..

    ................................ ...OUTLAW

  • alice.in.wonderland

    palmtree67, I didn't insult you. Most people I've seen as implicated as “not caring about God” simply say that God doesn't exist as Bigfoot doesn't exist. That's what I'm used to hearing. I'm used to participating on this forum where I'm treated much more respectfully:


    This forum is much, much different. How do you change these inane avatars?

  • yknot


    Where is my answer?

    It was a pretty easy question for a real JW.

  • palmtree67

    You can change your avatar with gravatar.com. I think there's a thread on the Tech Support portion of this forum.

    And you did insult me.

    But I forgive you, even though you asked for none.

    Because as a born-in, I know how it is with you JW's. You have been told that anyone who is not a JW is a raving, foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic apostate. That anyone not a JW is incapable of real love of God and incapable of real love of neighbor.

    I used to believe that too. I didn't regular pioneer for 5 years without thinking that.

    I hope one day, you find out what I've found out. Because now, I feel I have a better relationship with God than I ever have.

    About a week ago, I was sitting outside on my swing in the evening with a glass of wine and thinking about all the things I am so grateful to God for in my life. I had tears and said a prayer. I pray more now than I ever did as a JW. Without the guilt and shame of constantly trying to do "more" and failing......I am happier and feel much closer to a Creator that I now truly believe is loving and forgiving.

    So please, do not assume you are the judge of my relationship with God.

  • alice.in.wonderland

    " You will need a much better Education,to debate most of the people here.."

    Eduction? Feel free to join me on msdn.microsoft.com as I do contribute something to society in the way of literary output plus 10 years experience in complex software solutions design, development, and delivery. What do you do?

    Leolaia posts intelligent comments and there are others...(not naming any names) and then are those that must be on hydroponic weed, mushrooms or didn't graduate from the third grade.

  • notverylikely

    I'm used to participating on this forum where I'm treated much more respectfully:

    Sack up, Alice.

  • yknot

    but can you explain what the 'WTS truth' is?????

    Why are you refusing to answer the question...

    It is the most basic and fundamental foundation of our belief system!!!!!

  • notverylikely

    Feel free to join me on msdn.microsoft.com as I do contribute something to society in the way of literary output plus 10 years experience in complex software solutions design, development, and delivery. What do you do?

    Wow, MSDN. There's only like, what, 10000 poeple on there? You must be SPECIAL! Of course, I've written white papers, code, articles and part of a book for Microsoft. You just pose on msdn. I clearly am better than you.

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