Damage Control on Secret Societies

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    If you give Alice the Answers..

    Alice will pretend he knew it all along and the Troll Game goes on..

    Your supposed to Roast a Troll,in their own BullShit..


    They don`t taste right when you eat them..

    ................................ ...OUTLAW

  • PSacramento

    I have been exposed to secret socities for some time now, way before the WT crawled into my life.

    As a Martial artist in Japan, I was exposed to the Ninja socities and the family oriented Bushi ones and as a MA in China ( Macao to be more accurate) I was exposed to the socities of thr Triads and the secret inner familes of a few different Martial arts.

    All have the same thing in common:

    You are now part of OUR family and not the world ( or your own family)

    You do what we say and how we say it and when we say it.

    The information outside the "clan" is controlled and one is bascially "inbred".

    In the MA this is actually quite bad because you are isolated from the developments in the MA world, which leads to getting your ass kicked and the stagnation of the "secret" MA in question, so this mode is actually quite counter-productive.

  • yknot



    (Kudos goes to Fokyc)


    I am not ready to write Ms.Alice off yet.......

    But I am assured she is not as 'studied' in WTS theology as she thinks she is.........(which is okay).

    I hope she humbles herself enough to really dedicate time/effort and becomes versed the accurate knowledge of the WTS........

    How else is she to ever fully appreciate these monumental changes!!!!

  • DaCheech

    watchtower is the "false prophet society", no need for secrets

  • alice.in.wonderland

    "LOL & ROTFL

    So I suppose Russell's teachings of pyramidology was not of the occult. Sorry sweetie, but I am afraid Joseph "Judge" Rutherford and the current GB members of the Watchtower Society would disagree with you.

    Look closely at the cover of the Studies in the Scriptures. See the symbol...the winged sphere? Do you know what that symbol is? It is the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. Now ask yourself a question. Would Jesus, when examining the religions of the world, chose a group that had the symbol of another God, on the cover of the main teaching tool of that time?


    Russell didn't start out in the 21st century and work his way back to the 1800's. He was a student of all religions so some of his earlier writings may have been a bit esoteric although I haven't seen any that are. Making generalizations about symbols without any intuition are baseless theories.


    At age sixteen, a discussion with a childhood friend on faults perceived in Christianity (such as contradictions in creeds, along with medieval traditions) led Charles to question his faith. He then began to investigate other religious views and philosophies, including Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, but concluded that they did not provide the answers he was seeking.

    The time period when he began investigations into different religions was shaken up by new ideas, but if he was at all inspired by the occult, his studies would have led to the development of an organization like the Theosophical Society, not the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) was born in what is now now Ukrainia. She would be forty-four years old before creating the Society for which she is best remembered, but her most important achievements still lay ahead of her.

    Her teachings were instrumental to the creation of the Nazi Party and it's Darwinian drive to annihilate the "race polluters" and restore the Aryans with their "pure" religion of fire, sword, and swastika to their previous glory.

    In 1877--two years after starting the Theosophical Society: she would publish Isis Unveiled, an energetic blend of Eastern religion and mysticism, European mythology and Egyptian occultism, who rambunctious style would pave the way for her even more ambitious The Secret Doctrine in 1888. Some authors have written that the popularity of Blavatsky's writings in the late nineteenth century was evidence of an anti-positivist reaction among the middle classes to the effect that science was having on religious belief. In other words, science was going to far toward "proving" the errors of faith that the average person--suddenly up the existential creek without a paddle or prayer book--embraced the quasi-scientific approach toward religion represented in The Secret Doctrine.

    Darwin had published The Origin of Species in 1859 and this was followed by the Descent of Man in 1871; both books offered evolution as the means by which humans were created, as opposed to the Biblical account found in Genesis. The effect of the theory of evolution on religion was as great then as it is now; the controversy over Darwinism caused many people to question the existence of God, the possibility of redemption, life after death, etc. People were startled to discover that Biblical myths were at odds with scientific theories, and thus began to doubt everything they ever believed. They found themselves spiritually--and, perhaps, morally--adrift.

    Blavatsky provided a much-appreciated antidote to Darwin even as she was brazenly appropriating (and reversing) his theory of evolution. As bizarre as here theories appear today, they were actually quite brilliant for her time, for they enabled intelligent and educated men and women to maintain deep spiritual beliefs while simultaneously acknowledging the inroads made by scientific research into areas previously considered beyond the domain of mere human knowledge. Blavatsky outline a map of evolution that went far beyond Darwin to include vanished races from time immemorial through the present imperfect race of humans, and continuing on for races far into the future. Based on an idiosyncratic selection of various Asian scripture--including a few she made up herself-- The Secret Doctrine's message would later be picked up by the German occultists, who welcomed the pseudo-scientific prose of its author as the answer to a dream. The smug and condescending attitude of scientists and their devotees toward the "unscientific" had proved contagious among many in the newly created middle class, and mystics began to satisfy the requirements of science in what are patently unscientific (we may say "nonscientific") pursuits. Modernism in general was seen as being largely an urban, sophisticated, intellectual (hence "Jewish") phenomenon, and this included science, technology, the Industrial Revolution, and capitalism. The only wholesome lifestyle was that of the peasant on his "land," and the naive beliefs of the people of the land, the pagans--with their sympathetic magic and worship of ancient gods in the form of such superstitious practices as fertility rites, the lighting of bonfires on particular days sacred to the old calendar, and the whole host of cultural traditions that can be discovered by consulting Fraziers The Golden Bough--were set up in opposition to "science," with its suspect lack of human warmth and its cold indifference to the "gods".

    Science in its hubris was treading dangerously close to the territory claimed by religion (the orign of life, the creation of the universe, even the existence of God), and in order to get there it would have to dance a jig all over the occult "sciences." Science still smarted from the religious furors caused by Galileo and Copernicus; so rather than mount an all-out attack on God, it was a lot safer to conduct a rearguard action and go after the ghosts.

    But then along came Blavatsky, who took new scientific attitudes as they were popularly understood and gave them a mystical twist. Taking here cur from Darwin, she popularized the notion of a spiritual struggle between various "races", and of the inherent superiority of the "Aryan" race, hypothetically the latest in the line of spiritual evolution. Blavatsky would borrow heavily from carefully chosen scientific authors in fields as diverse as archeology and astronomy to bolster her arguments for the existence of Atlantis, extraterrestrial (or super-terrestrial) life- forms, the creation of animals by humans (as opposed to the Darwinian line of succession), etc.

    It should be remembered that Blavatsky's works--notably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine--appear to be the result of prodigious scholarship and were extremely convincing in their day. The rationale behind many later Nazi projects can be traced back--through the writings of Von List, Von Sebettendorff, and Von Liebenfels--to ideas first popularized by Blavatsky. A caste system of races, the superiority of the Aryans (a white race with its origins in the Himalayas), an "initiated" version of astrology and astronomy, the cosmic truths coded within pagan myths ... all of these and more can be found in the ideology of its Dark Creature, the SS. It was, after all, Blavatsky who pointed out the supreme occult significance of the swastika. And it was a follower of Blavatsky who was instrumental in introducing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to a Western European community eager for a scapegoat. [Levenda doesn't say here who the Blavatsky follower that was responsible for introducing the Protocols to the Nazi Party Inner Circle is. It was the Estonia/Russia born Alfred Rosenberg later to be known as the "Philospher" of the Party, author of the mystical Myth of the Twentieth Century which rivaled Mein Kampf in its importance on Nazi Dogma. Rosenberg later was Publisher of the Party's Official Newspaper and Reichminister for the conquered Soviet Eastern Territories, as well as one of the principal defendants at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials].

    Unholy Alliance

    A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult
    Peter Levenda
    Avon Books, 1995

  • sherah

    AIW, your cut and paste did not answer the question.

    Would Jesus, when examining the religions of the world, chose a group that had the symbol of another God, on the cover of the main teaching tool of that time?

  • yknot


    AIW really doesn't discern the 'evolution' for lack of a better description of our belief system

    While many of you can chit-chat about WTS history as naturally as explaining how to make a PB&J sandwhich.

    She isn't anywhere near this level.

    She wants to remain a JW, so let her be.

    Why stumble a gal when she likes the way her life is headed........isn't putting her in an emotional/spiritual tailspin kinda cruel?


    AIW.....this forum ain't for the faint of heart or less learned.

    So as to keep your dedication....... you probably should forget you ever stumbled onto this discussion site.

    Stick to those with non-JWs versus Ex-JWs.

    To be here you need to be able to square off with ex-Gilead Grads, ex-Bethelites, ex-Elders and the such who have had far more intimate dealings with inner workings of the WTS. Your cut/pasting isn't really adequate when you consider that many of these men and women rubbed shoulders with the GB personally.

    To 'step up ' means discerning the difference between those who 'Mother' wants to do as she says and those she teaches to learn by what she does.

  • alice.in.wonderland

    yknot I don't believe you're one of Jehovah's Witnesses just so you know. You've destroyed your credibility in my book. You should quit advising me.


    yknot I don't believe you're one of Jehovah's Witnesses just so you know.

    You've destroyed your credibility in my book. You should quit advising me.....AIW

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • yknot

    What you believe of me is unimportant....

    I have seen your type of 'Newbie' join this forum only to become an apostate within a year of joining or turn into a person who brings more reproach than they do honor to the Organization by sliding into circular comments, name calling and otherwise actions that are wholly inappropriate of anyone professing to be a JW......actions akin to brawling with a householder!

    Do you not appreciate your dedication?

    When the WTS warns you about the interent and apostasy......they mean this site 99% of the time (FB has currently gained 1%)!

    To remain here displays a spirit of 'independent thinking'.

    You are not learned enough to survive........ you couldn't even explain properly what the 'truth' is!

    Do you have any idea what kind of reproach that brings not only to the Org, but your parents, BOE and congregation?

    If you are actually a 'good standing, attending' JW instead of a fringed and burned JW......than do yourself a favor.

    Attend all meetings, seek association with your local brethern, be zealous in FS.......stay away from any JW site not directly under the supervision of the WTS.

    To stay will only expose you as someone who desires to be led astray or someone so desparate to hold on to their fading faith that they are seeking to force themselves to 'flee or fight' engaging in 'persecution complex'.......which makes you appear very foolish.

    You cannot hold your own here........run, run as fast as you can.

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