Is Ray Franz still living?

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  • JerryTX


    The letter sounds like typical USA lawyer talk. I wish Ray would have contacted you personally and just kindly asked you to take it down. Maybe being up in years, he didn't think to do that, or wanted to avoid any personal confrontation. It sounds like a lawyer is guiding him. That letter does not sound like Ray at all. A personal letter from Ray, instead of a lawyer first, would have been the "christian" thing to do.


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    M. Scott Peck - "The Different Drum"

  • JanH

    Right, Jerry

    In my book legal threats is just mildly less hostile than physical violence. I doubt this could have happened without Ray's knowledge and support. Considering his similar threats to Randy, it is obviously a pattern of behaviour.

    - Jan
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  • GermanXJW

    Ray Franz may also interested in the fact that a domain is running at the moment

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