Is Ray Franz still living?

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  • hungry4life

    A friend of mine has been sharing her doubts about the organization with me for the last year. She read both of Ray Franz's books and found that they were interesting and dealt with many of the questions she had. She then wrote to the society anonymously and explained why she could not in good conscience preach regarding 1914 ( she used my P.O. box ). She asked for further guidance and clarification. She was dissapointed that she has never received a reply. She then told me that now she is even more confused and she wrote to Ray Franz. I wonder if he is still living and if he replies to personal letters (she used a publishing address in the back of the book). Have any of you ever written to him? What was the result? She does not have access to the internet, and lives in a small town where she has little support from anyone and of course cannot express her doubts. All her living family are JW's but her husband is an unbeleiver who has begun studying, she is scared to death he will join. Thanks for your help

  • Celia

    Ray Franz is alive, 80 years old...
    Still very busy. But he had a stroke last year and has slowed down a little.
    He usually answers letters. But as I said he's very busy and can't do as much as he used to.

  • one

    "I wonder if he is still living"

    "and if he replies to personal letters"

    it may take some time, due to several reasons

    "She does not have access to the internet,"
    everything is on the net, read read read

    it may take some time for her to get up to date and recover but there is hope .

    Even on this board there are many people who can help her.

  • biblexaminer

    I write him occasionally. He has always responded. I will call him on the telephone next week and ask him if he minds that I share our correspondence.

    I am still in the org with responsibilities. I am in a tight spot with my wife, but thank God I made some headway with her this past weekend. Because of my situation, I think he felt the need to offer me some encouraging words, which were and alsways will be much appreciated.

    Celia above said correctly about his condition. But he's still full of fire.

  • hungry4life

    Thank you all for your replies. I am happy to here that he is still going strong.Bible examiner, do you think that it would somehow be possible that I could get a copy of her letter to you to share with Ray Franz, email or fax or some other way? Whatever might work for you. I know this is alot to ask, but she is so sincere and has done so much research I do not want her to feel alone it would be a strong contrast to the societies lack of response if she heard an answer to her letter.

  • Dogpatch

    Yes, I just got a letter from Ray today, asking that since his audio and literary stuff is copyrighted, I have to take it down from my site. So if you want to hear Ray or read his stuff, it ain't free no more!
    Guess he's still kickin!

  • Mulan

    Randy, Isn't that odd? I find it appalling, that he would ask you to take it off your site. I can't imagine your having it there is affecting sales negatively. It seems to me that he has gotten some very bad advice.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • IslandWoman

    "Yes, I just got a letter from Ray today, asking that since his audio and literary stuff is copyrighted, I have to take it down from my site. So if you want to hear Ray or read his stuff, it ain't free no more!"


    This might be an effort by Raymond Franz to ensure his wife's financial security. She is quite a number of years younger than he is, he might be trying to make sure she is financially cared for after his death.

    Just a thought.



    Hey Randy,I`m sorry to hear that.This whole WBTS thing is bigger than copyright bullshit.Ray owes it to the people he affected(when he was a WBTS big boy) to get this information,and now he wants cash.I don`t mind buying his books but there are some people who can`t afford to buy the information.Haveing it on your site made it accesable to them.It`s not right!..>>>Hey Ray,if you cruise this site please reconsider removing your information from Randys site.It`s the right thing to do.If not,I would like to know what happened to your concience in crisis?...OUTLAW

  • IslandWoman


    Ray Franz does not owe anyone anything!


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