Is Ray Franz still living?

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    Hey IW,I know many people love Ray.Still he participated in an organization(at the decision making level) that affected many peoples lives,many are still affected negativly today.For that he owes.Just my opinion...OUTLAW

  • Scorpion


    Why do you think the decisions made by the GB when Ray Franz was still a GB member were decisions Ray agreed with?

    I agree with IslandWoman, Ray does not owe anyone anything. The good he has done outside the organization exceeds anything he did while a member of the GB.



    Hey Scorpian,I know Ray did not always agree with the decisions that were made.He had reasons for disagreeing,people should know why.Even if they can`t afford his books...OUTLAW

  • hippikon

    Scorpion: This time I am with you.

    We were all duped by the society at some stage. I think Ray is entitled to get something back for the years he spent in servitude to the org. Besides that the book is a good read and worth the money.


    Hey hippicon,I agree with you Ray deserves every penny he makes,when C of C came out I couldn`t get my hands on it fast enough.It explained a lot of things we might never of found out.I am grateful to him for writting the book.I don`t think taking information off of Randys site is the right thing to do.The reason I even bought the book was,when it first came out is they gave you information from the book to get you interested.I think Randys site promotes that interest.Oh well,it is Rays Property,and I wish him well...OUTLAW

  • Scorpion

    Hello Hippikon,

    It is good to be on friendlier terms.


    I am wondering if Ray has to pull the information, or asked Randy to pull it because Ray does not own the copyrights 100%. I am not sure how all this works exactly and who all is involved with the copyrights.

    One thing I have done to get the word out about CofC and ISOCFreedom is donate the books to different libraries and churches in my area. You would be surprised how many times CofC has been checked out and ended up missing in my city. Myself and another XJW sister have donated several copies and have had to put an article in the ((SOUND OFF)) column in our local paper about certain books being stolen from the library. This has curtailed the theft of CofC.


  • Alf3831

    Ray's information is no longer free eh? This sounds very familiar...
    Please note the following:

    Similar disillusionment can and often does result in connection with movements developed by person who have themselves left the Watchtower organization...[discussing someone's conversation with a former JW, the following is stated..] As a result of his insistent dogmatism in pushing certain orthodox doctrine and HIS CONCERN FOR RECEIVING MONEY BEFORE MAILING HER ANY INFORMATION, her comment was that she felt that 'if he had been her only contact with a former Witness she would go back to the Watchtower organization." (In Search of Christian Freedom, pgs 557, 558)

    Back in 1991 when this was written by Mr. Franz he obviously felt this was inappropriate behavior. Seems he has fallen victim to that which he has formerly condemned.


  • Scorpion


    Interesting quote. I do not see the similarity in Ray's situation and one where someone (XJW) is promoting or pushing an ORTHODOX DOCTRINE for $$$$. Where is Ray Franz promoting doctrine for money?

    I am sure Ray has given more from the little he has, compared to that of the small tokens the WT has given from their great wealth.


  • avengers

    Cash is more important than truth or conscience.
    Who gives a damn if you screw up people's lives.
    Write a book and your conscience is clear'
    Go for it guys.

  • Englishman

    I doubt if Ray's reasons are financial. I expect that he's just tired of being painted as a bad fella, whilst his books prove that he isn't like that, the short video clip doesn't project him too well, IMHO.


    Bring on the dancing girls!

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