What kind of women do men want?

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    I'm a firm believer in equal partnership and if I ever get married I would share responsibilities with my wife based on what we are good at. Though lately I'm not sure if marriage is even necessary, it being just a piece of paper. I like strong minded women and one I can carry a conversation with. Obviously theres gotta be some physical attraction but thats pretty much the gist of it.

  • creativhoney


    Men are Simple..

    are they though? some I know are far more complex than I am. - maybe this is my problem, ive been looking for a non simple fella.

  • dgp

    One who doesn't nag all the time? Is there one?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Women who don't play games.

  • creativhoney

    what John, like scrabble? or COD?

  • marriedtojw

    Heh I've been considering this for a long time as I've "TRIED" (and failed miserably) at the mutual relationship thing (read: not overbearing). And this will probably sound sexist, but whatever...

    I want a girl who is willing to be a family person, whom I will go to the ends of the earth for. I would work two, three or four jobs for her and for the family, but I ask she does her share. I want her to be family centric and marriage focused. I want her job to be taking care of the house and raising the kids the right way, leave the daily hustle and bustle to me.

    I want a wife who will show me the love I need (mentally and physically) first and foremost before any of her TV shows come on or her before her cell phone rings. I want her to show the respect and appreciation I do every morning I wake up at four in the morning to drive in the lousy Southern Califonria traffic so I can work for 10 (at least) hours a day to bring home that paycheck, pay rent and buy that food .

    I want a girl who's not selfish and is considerate of her spouse.

    Sorry I guess I'm sounding a little sour.... oh well ... hopefully you all will have better luck than I :)

    farkel: With a fishin' boat.


  • creativhoney

    Married to JW, what if shes an intelligent thinking person who being in a house all day would simply drive her to depression?

    Im a single parent, two boys. I'm also a teacher and a graphic designer. - after myy divorce I havent worked for 18 months, and I felt a lot of my identity and creativity vanished.

    I wouldnt want a husband who worked 4 jobs while I did none. - its not the 50s - housework doesnt take half an hour a day these days.. what do you do with the rest of your time?

    I say women need to get off their backsides, have an interest outside the home, that way they wont be bored of being wives and mums, and will fulfill that role in a much happier way.

    seems to me if your out at four and in late, then any woman will have nothing left to do but make her own life..a wife isnt a commodity x

    just a thought?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Gee honey, that sounds an awfully lot like an opinion.

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