What kind of women do men want?

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  • semelcred

    I ve just read the blog asking what sort of man a woman wants! I am fed up in this world that men don't stand up and start letting the sisters in the world know what we really need. Lets take the game to them!!

  • Finally-Free

    I'm willing to work, cook, and clean. All I wanted was someone who was willing to do the same, as well as refrain from verbally trashing my family all the time. Someone willing to drive me to the hospital in the event of an emergency instead of letting me fend for myself would be nice. Someone who didn't try to use sex as a bargaining chip might actually be a turn on.

    I guess I was expecting too much.


  • Farkel

    Very rich. Deaf and dumb. Nymphomaniac. With a fishin' boat.


  • treadnh2o

    One that just uses me for sex!

    Then leaves!


    If I know Farkel..

    He would want a picture of the fishing boat,before he commited..


  • AllTimeJeff

    Someone who agrees with me. If I am wrong, at least we can be wrong together.... ;)

    PS Edit: I already found someone who agrees with me most of the time, so I am all good there...

  • jacquicortez

    ok i'm a woman but this is my opinion

    1. sex

    2. a good sandwich with an ice cold soda or beer

    3. someone that doesnt talk much

    4. someone that will allow them to watch sports, play video games or any other

    hobby without interupting or talking during the process.

    5. someone who will laugh at their jokes

    6. someone who won't try to change them (men actually like themselves the way they are)

    men are simple...we would love for them to be complicated and try to make them complicated

    but they are not. i don't think this applies to all men but i believe it applies to most :)

  • treadnh2o

    One that doesn't know my wife....

  • Finally-Free

    I'm willing to settle for one that leaves the toilet seat up.


  • Farkel

    add: one who realizes that we scratch our crotch because it's in our DNA and shows we are contended.

    Men are quite simple creatures, actually.


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