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    For my wife and me, we kept our feelings to ourselves, thinking not to offend all the extended family.Living far away from them made it easier to leave. they wondered, but never asked why we were not pioneering, etc... anymore

    Then one day, a nephew visited with his wife and t asked if we were still going. We answered no, and they wanted to know why? We told them a little, still not wanting to be controversial. The conversation grew, and they let us know they had disasscociated themselves.

    Others in the extended family had as well. So here we were, not wanting to stir the pot, only to find out almost everyone, on both sides of the family had left the JW's. Now, only two remain on my side and two on my wifes side.

    I was very proud of them to hear their story. While at college, they continued to have doubts, but lived the lie, so as not to upset their parents, but when children came along, they felt, they had to raise them honestly for their good and broke clean. Yes it led to their parents disowning them, but they are a very happy family.

    We had a wondeful family reunion during the Xmas break. Over 22 came, and 13 of them were former JW's. We were overjoyed that so much of the family had left and were doing so well.

    They are great children. most had went to college, all are funloving to be around.

    Only pride keeps the other four from leaving.

    Maybe, a similar experience for you and your family is in the future.

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    not sure yet

    yes Dissed,

    Pride maybe an ingredient also. And because I was só commited, leaving also feels as betraying...failing my promise, although with the changed baptism guestions ...... that gives us a reason to review our present stand in the organisation.

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    Keep reading the forum theres a thread that even has a letter to write to the Elders so they cant not Disfellowship you or give any public announcements. CyberJesus

    Hmmm ... please give us a link to that letter. I've seen a few of these before but in the end they simply don't work as the elders / Society are relentless. I hope you can prove there is one that works.

    And to you, Not Sure Yet -- I wish you the very best. You've already taken one of the best giant steps you can by sharing your experiences.

    Len Miller

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