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    NOT SURE YET- Welcome to the board ! Nice to have you here ! I understand your situation. I had an older sister graduate Gilead in 1972. It is so commendable on your part that you encouraged your children to get a college education. You did them a great service as a parent. Now it's time to educate your mind as well and expand it. I look forward to your takes and comments on the board. Hang in there, keep your chin up and enjoy the board

  • not sure yet
    not sure yet

    I wrote this before and want to make a comment to make it clear what I meant

    ....'When my children were counseled on the dangers of higher education, I nevertheless send my children off to study, but on a special mission: 'proof them (the brothers)wrong'. They are close to become a medical doctor, psychologist, health systems expert and orthodontist. Recently I travelled to visit with them and released them from that mission. Enough of proofing them wrong, it's a no-good motivation for any proyect in life'.

    I mean with that: the brothers say high eduaction and being an active JW is impossible. I told my children: proof them wrong. Be a good witness ánd have a higher education. That is the pressure I wanted to take away from them recently.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hi there. Class 119, graduated 2005 here and sent to Cameroon. I had my own brush(s) with death, and got out in a nick of time. We are from two different Gilead generations obviously. You had Glass and Redford. Redfords protege, Mark Noumair, is the only instructor still there from when I went, as Liverance and Bowen somehow are off the reservation.

    Nice to hear from you. I hope your life will continue on an upward arc! :)

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    NSY: Welcome to our congregation, did you bring your publisher card with you? :-) I loved to hear your brief story. I was since the age of 6 with the dream of one day become a Missionary, and lived frustrated with the idea of not achieving it until last year. But your brief comments removed the last remnants out of my system. thank you.

    If you dont want to be identified yet then dont add anymore details, actually you gave away one already :-) so hopefully there are no lurkers here who do research.

    Have your read crisis of consience yet? thats a must. And probably you should start reading and preparing on how to little by little help your husband and children see the light if you plan to eventually fade completely. Keep reading the forum theres a thread that even has a letter to write to the Elders so they cant not Disfellowship you or give any public announcements.

    Other than that welcome again

  • not sure yet
    not sure yet

    AllTimeJeff, yes we certainly are two different generations of Gilead. You were in Patterson I think. Glass and Redford were very fine teachers and both had their protegees, you're right. Redford did not like his life in the third-world when he was a missionary, and he was bold about that. My life has been going upward many years already...because every crisis makes a person stronger and moving ahead.

    Cyberjesus, I have only read some parts of the book online. I don't want to be identified because it would not add any extra value to my story I'm sure. If there's anybody who knows me, well that means we're both on this board for some reason. Thank you for your friendly and advicing words.

  • Lieu


    Interesting story. I'd say everyone has their not so sure moments, its normal human behavior ... its how people are treated during those moments that mark the path they will take.

    *See ("Doubting") Thomas as an example. Note Jesus' response to his doubts.

  • not sure yet
    not sure yet

    When I stepped down as a missionary, but still in good standing, I let a lot of people down. That was when they could see I doubted the rule of only marrying in the lord, although i did finally obey that rule. I knew for sure they considered me weak at least, because of how they related to me after that. For them (those bystanders) though, it is very painful to see a person who one has admired, take difficult decisions that downsizes that image. Eversince I tried to proof them (in my subconscience) that my non-missionary life is worthwhile and perfect all the time. It's like the brothers (people) are watching over my shoulders all the time, instead of Jehovah himself of whom I don´t feel afraid or negatively intimidated in any manner.

    That strange fear of men (insiders social control) put a tremendeous pressure on myself and ofcourse through me on my children and husband....who have nothing whatsoever to do with my former life-decisions, nor do they deserve to have to make me look good in the eyes of the brothers. But they do anyway, you see, because they love me and they understand the complexity of it all. Because they are connected somehow to the truth, I cannot discuss doubts with them, nor did I ever discuss doubts with the elders, because I know their answers.

  • Dogpatch

    I left Bethel in 1980 over the Franz Incident, disassociated and stepped down as an elder a few vmonths later.

    My Story:


  • not sure yet
    not sure yet

    Yes Randy, I have read your story. Well, it means we must have crossed paths sometime in those months. Is there a private messagebox where I can write you some details?

  • yknot


    Start looking for opportunities to spread little seeds with your children.

    The April 15 WT Holy Spirit article is a great one!

    Have some faith in their intelligence!

    You said your husband joined because of you.......what is his feeling about the most recent generations change?

    As I often times suggest to new posters......don't dismiss downloading older publications and studying them with your Dubbie loved ones during FWN. As you already know we are only suppose to use WTS material for research and this generation thing is like a welcome mat in doing so!

    Here are some sites that contain such publications for your consideration ...

    Here are three on Piratebay too....

    Chasson has a very nice collection online of golden ages/consolations and more!....

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