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  • minimus

    During the wars, the FDS ( CTR+Rutherford) was quite political. They followed the scripture saying we should pray for the governments.

  • Paulapollos

    Indeed Stephen

    the message of galatians was written for them!

  • Chalam

    The WT has JWs bewitched for sure :(



  • yknot

    They get most of their "new light" from old commentaries.


    This is what happens when everyone is a 'company man' versus those who are natural leaders!

    My goodness that is like somebody in NYC suggesting that it would be wiser to erect a horse livery instead of a parking lot!!!!!!

    The part of me that was trained up to always put theocratic interests first really is quite gutted at the sheer stupidity and all the ideas on how to 'fix' this disaster is flooding my head!!!

    Damn I am really really upset now.....going out for walk to figure out my head!!!!

  • Butterflyleia85

    I hit my head many times ... trying to figure this out.

  • PSacramento
    They get most of their "new light" from old commentaries. Sadly, I think that says all that needs to be said.

    Funny you mention that, Any examples?

  • yesidid

    Hi Paul,

    May I ask how old you were when you were contacted by the Witnesses?

    And your wife?

    And did you have a previous religious background?........................and what about the Witness teachings appealed to you?

    And................remember.................its a free world and you don't have to answer any of my questions.


  • Paulapollos


    Yes, sadly, too many to note. I will give you a few examples - read the commentaries of Matthew Henry, and William Barclay, especially regarding the meaning of the Epistles written by Paul. A lot of changes on whom they apply to, things like the superior authorities, etc, are credited to them, at least by the Writing representatives from Brooklyn. When we had representatives from Writing Brooklyn visit London, they used the Living Bible when giving talks to the Writing and Translation departments, and referenced many commentaries. All of those were/are used when staff in the London Writing Department make comments and send articles to Stephen Hardy, the Writing Overseer for the UK. A large number of Christendom commentaries are referenced today by the staff, and are used by the Writing Department, for instance the numerous writings of Stott. Virtually every single member of the Writing department and the Translation Department has a personal library in their offices, with commentaries. In the Writing Department of the London Bethel, which is on the 4th floor of the IBSA building, there are 4/5 shelves of commentaries that are referred to by the staff when referencing. I first came across "apostate" writings, when I picjked up a book written by a disaffected former witness, where he claimed that he was the Jeremiah class, sent to expose the doctrinal falsehoods of the WT. That book was with other "apostate" writings, in the Writing Department library. I wish I could remember the name of the writer! At the same time, there is at least 1 researcher, a sister (I don't know if I should name her) who is involved in sourcing material, modern and older, for writers.

    I presume that people here have heard of E-Sword? The free online Bible and Commentary Resource? I was introduced to it at Bethel. Every member of the Writing and Translation Department has it on their computer, and it is used by the vast majority of those working in those departments to compare various Bible translations ( a couple are not use, I remember one being the message Bible, but pretty much every other major Bible is there)and commentaries to come to accurate meanings/alternative renderings on Bible verses, with primacy given to WT publications of all, of course. However, it is used extensively, although I am not sure that Rick Meyers knows that. In fact, Mr Meyers program now has an add on which is the NWT and the Insight volumes, developed by Brooklyn apparently.

    Yes, there is far more than that in these departments, and believe me - and if a lot of this came out, I think far more people would ask questions. Still, that is not really surprising.

    Love to you all


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    PP - you have a PM

  • watson

    I think there are some people here that would pay to get you together with Barbara Anderson, and Ray Franz. What a book!

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