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  • Chalam

    Hello PP,

    Glad to be of service :)

    I think you will find this useful Called To Be Free

    Different cult but the parallels are strikingly similar with the WT. The hope I received for JWs when I watched this was great.

    Keep us posted!



  • JWFreak

    Hi Paul

    We probably have many "bethel colleagues in common" In fact we must know each other.......

    I worked a little while at London before moving onto another European branch.

    Some names you probably worked with..

    David Trigger now in the Louviers branch on the writing desk

    Andrew llewellyn in Transport (Scottie)

    Mark Saunders (Baldie)

    Paul Wade (has the gay brother in Leeds)

    Bevan Vigo, Peter Ellis's right hand man.... I think Bev Vigo had the nickname Bod

    Steve Butler was on shipping when I was there

    Asher Hudson (Driver)

    Jez Ryhmes

    Paul Gillies

    Phil Harris

    Oh the list goes on and on

    How did you get on with Jack Dowson...I always found him to be quite aimiable?

  • minimus

    I was in the inner sanctum of the GB's room, via a well connected Bethelite in the late 80s. I saw the research materials in a library that had a number of books on demonism, "apostate" literature, sex books! and other items you'd never expect to see in a "theocratic" library.

    PP, let me ask this: It is said that Bethel monitors this site. From your expressions I would doubt that. What's the truth here?

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    You had an opportunity to look at that letter yet?

    Marvin Shilmer

  • minimus

    Marvin, are you thinking someone else is being a troll here, like Caspian and Jemimah?

  • minimus

    PP, what about that letter??

  • Paulapollos

    Hi Marvin,

    I looked at the letter - do you want me to post my comments here, or PM you?

  • minimus

    Please post them here.

  • Casey Ryback
    Casey Ryback


    I read your post the other night, and was extremely interested in what you had to say. The last thing I read was you recalling some old names at Bethel. I remember when I attended Media training some 12 years ago, Paul Gilles and the Brother who now heads up the kitchen dept were the Society's main media trainers.

    Paul a scottish brother was quite aloof, and seamed to have an answer for everything, however all the answers that they gave us never really satisfied me as they were quite political, in fact just like a good politician. I gave lots of regional interviews before I left the Organisation, but your comments illicited some old memories, memories really that I had forgotten about, I don't post at all, just a lurker on this site, but felt compelled to say something.

    This site has really helped me tremendously and I would just wanted you to know that life after the religion is truly awesome.


    Mason Storm.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    JWFreak said:

    I think Bev Vigo had the nickname Bod

    Is this who Caspian was referring to in his "open letter"?

    I thought Caspian turned out to be something of a Walter Mitty character?

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