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  • cattails
    I keep wondering why Paul Apollos signs his post with the initials 'PP'.

    Paula Pollos


    I do find constant references to the Bible tiresome.

    I find it funny this was said by a Gravatar who looks like a shocked purple triangle with a brain.

    This should be a logo for the Conscious Class . Whaddaya say? Nice avatar GromitSK.

  • bythesea


    I watched the entirety of your posted video from the World Wide Church of was very very good and with such close similarities to the WTS!! It's hopeful, isn't it, to think that perhaps some day something similar could happen within Bethel?? But, in their case, the men who went together as a group to discuss the errors of their doctrines were recv'd with love and openness and a willingness to make changes instead of fear and control. I don't know if we'll ever see the humblness in the GB as they saw in their leadership. The fallout was huge, and it was a devisive event, for sure, but those who were interviewed warmed my heart with their accounts.

    I reccommend posters to go back and watch this video if they think there is no hope of anything ever changing within the WTS, it does give me hope, as it did you Chalam, that maybe some day there will be changes!! Thanks for making that video availble for us!!! My heart is a bit lighter tonight!!


  • JWFreak

    Well Paul

    If you played football with Mark Saunders then not are you just genuine, but also a good bloke.

    Mark was a good mate of mine in the past, and wasn't a bad footballer....I think we may know each other and even played football together.



  • boyzone

    Have you watched the video of the Worldwide Church of God PP? Its a fantastic story of a whole religion that realised they were totally on the wrong path. The parallels with the WTS are profound.

    Well worth a look.

  • acolytes

    I had a progressive study with a lady who was a member of the worldwide dhurch of God. Once some elders from her church were at her her home helping decorate. They never interfeared with the ladies study.

    As her study progressed and she came to meatings she invited many members of the congregation over for tea and coffee. She had also invited members from the world wide church of God. It was so funny as she was also playing christian music.Most of the witnesses she invited were out the door before they were in.

    I remember later at the kingdom Hall one of the elders commented to me "I thought she was stronger in the truth than that". He then turned on me and walked away in discust.


  • cyberjesus


    Once again thank you for your post I enjoy reading all of them. You seem a very honest and intelligent man. It seems to me that although your departure from the WT is longer than 6 months there are still alot of engraved ideas in you.

    If I can suggest the following readings :Crisis of consience. Releasing the Bonds and for you a must will be The Bible Unearthed by israel finskestain. Please read them and post your thoughts. They changed my mind 100%.

    Thanks again and welcome to our community. Believe me your words will change lives

  • GromitSK

    Cattails - alas I cannot claim responsibility for my avatar though I told it bears a striking resemblance :) - what's really weird is that the Purple Triangle was used to identify Jehovah's witnesses in the concentration camps, so clearly the brain is some form of decoration.

  • PSacramento
    Hello PP,
    Glad to be of service :)
    I think you will find this useful
    Called To Be Free
    Different cult but the parallels are strikingly similar with the WT. The hope I received for JWs when I watched this was great.
    Keep us posted!

    Wow, I am just speechless...

    Thanks you so much for this Stephen.

    A little bit of hope has just spung up in my heart.

  • Chalam

    A little bit of hope has just spung up in my heart.

    That happened to me for sure :)

    Thanks to all who have watched it so far, glad it blessed you.

    Here is the link again, grab the popcorn and the tissues, highly recommended!

    Called To Be Free



  • PSacramento

    You should make that video a thread, it deserves it's own thread.

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