Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • Paulapollos


    you are correct, they certainly are underestimatiing the women. They know full well the opinions of the two wives, but deliberately are trying to leave them alone - both women are firebrands when it comes to using the bible, and it just wouldn't fit the rumors!

    Sadly, I have too much experience of the Brach Commitee members to respect them in any way at all. Very sad, and judgemental I know, but there you go. Hopefully in time, I will learn to see them as they truly are - very mistaken individuals who need a few lessons in real life.


  • bohm

    Paulapollos: Thanks for replying to my questions earlier. You have a very interesting story, its interesting how the WTS handle dissent from several people at once - the most recent examples i can think of are way back from the Ray Franz/Carl Olaf days! If you ever get your head around putting it all into writing, i am sure would be happy to puplish it.

  • quietlyleaving

    I don't have any respect for them either. Basically they are holding on to their power and position. I wouldn't like to be in their shoes when they realise this - if ever they do.

    hurray for the women firebrands

  • Paulapollos


    no problem about the questions, anytime. freeminds would be a nice idea actually, you never know, maybe it would help someone!

    Jookbeard, you asked who the top brass at london are

    Branch Commitee is

    Peter Ellis (Helper to the GB) (Overseer of Service Department)

    Stephen Hardy ("Serves" as a Zone Overseer) (Overseer of Writing, Co-ordinator)

    Peter Bell (Factory or production or something)

    Jack Dowson (Overseer of Garage and things like that)

    Paul Gillies (Who knows what this man oversees?!)

    Dennis Dutton (Home Overseer)

    Stephen Papps (Translation)

    There are others, including one particularly nasty piece of work, but for the life of me, I can't remember their names at the mo! It will come back to me, I think?!

    The other sort of big names there are John Ravn, some guy named something Williams who does all the engineering/factory stuffall over the world, Phillip Morris (Tyrant of the Kitchen), and a whole host of others desperate to get on the ladder

    sorry it took so long to deal with your question.


  • minimus

    I just read this thread! WOW!

    PP, I'm certainly glad you're here!

    It seems when "researchers" are doing their thing, it cannot be helped that the Watchtower will consider them "apostate", eventually.

  • Paulapollos

    Quietly leaving,

    lets say, the women are far more dangerous to the WT then the men were!


  • goldensky

    Paulapollos, you are marvellously humble, honest and objective. Thank you very much.

  • jookbeard

    thanks PP, remember Ellis as a kid giving many talks at D/C's at Twickers, fine speaker IIRC, also remember Dutton as our D/O when I was baptized, and Philip Morris rings a bell as well, do any of the Cullens have roles there? I lost track of a lot of names so long i've been out now, I also remember the last days of John Blanely, I have a rather unpleasant memory from visiting Mill Hill that goes back to when I was 6 years of age

  • BluesBrother

    Hello to Paulappollos...I am humbled to read of your experiences. I loved your description of the average J W

    they are obsessed with going into a Paradise, where they get to pet lions, swim with dolphins, build giant houses, go on yachts around the world, eat the best food, have no war, suffering, and most of all, get to share their prosperity with family and friends, who can spend time congratulating each other on survival and service, so they can feel good about themselves, and pat each other on the back . Let's face it, they are happy with God's Kingdom if it provides all that, and stays up there in heaven, without getting too involved in their personal lives. The fact is, they want a social club, a community where they all praise each other for their integrity, and revel in how they got thru

    So true.....

    I too recognized several names of ex C/O's an D/O's in your list of Bethel Heavies....I guess that is where they end up, if they are lucky??

    Welcome to our community and I hope that you stay around a long time..

  • cofty

    Hi Paulapollos, interesting to see the names of "those who seem to be important" at London branch. I knew Paul Gillies' bro Gordon quite well he was in Haddington congregation near here. They were very different from each other; Gordon had a sense of humour!

    I remember Paul on TV once after somebody died in a blood transfusion incident. He was spouting the official line about how no JW is told by the society not to take blood and how it is entirely a personal decision for each individual based on their bible trained conscience. What a liar!

    EDIT - May have been radio interview, long time ago!

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