Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Not all all Podobear, you are doing a fine job on your own, carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • quietlyleaving

    well this thread certainly seems to be hotting up. When I was first leaving I did contact reachout trust and they gave me the tel no of an individual nearby. However as I already had JWD support, and was very restricted in meeting people anyway as I have many witnesses everywhere in my area, I did not take up the kind support offered.

    At the moment I occasionally attend Unitarian meetings and I find the absence of proselytizing such a refreshing change. Many are atheists and agnostics, some are budhists, muslims etc

  • Podobear

    Thanks a million Paulapollos for bringing us online with that information. Up until recent times I have been following the writings of Greg Stafford on this very subject.

    My understanding of the subject has been posted on Mill Hill disfellowshippings - JW prayers, and Wobble has given me research in more recent JW writings. So, there is not much point repeating my post here.

    BTW: Now that PaP has clarified the issue, how many of you realise that this is the very issue that started the 1981 disfellowshipping cull in Brooklyn? Several Spanish speaking congregations were persuaded to partake of the emblems, regardless of the "calling" that they felt. It started in the translation department - since then as you know - translations are virtually simultaneous in all languages to ensure harmony of thought.

    If all Christians are called to heaven with Christ: The questions beg "What are they going to do there?" "Will death and disease be forever part of the cycle of the human race", "Where was the Paradise promised to the Evildoer? Alongside Christ, as promised only the night before to the faithful 11.. or by resurrection to a New Earth..and,

    Indeed, whether Christ calls his own to serve at his side or to enjoy eternal (but not immortal) life on Earth in flesh and blood: Should not ALL partake of his flesh and blood as part of a GLOBAL Kingdom Arrangement. Actually, the way JW's explain things supports that very idea: One hope, just different destinies. Only those who are not worthy, Paul says, should not partake. What exactly does that mean, then?

    Looking forward to the discussion as PaP has graciously thrown to us. Best wishes.

  • breathing

    hi all, ive just skimmed through the 15 pages of this thread as my introduction to this site,a nd its been so moving, fascinating and inspiring,

    god what a journey so many have been on,

    and its fascinating to get more of an insight into the REAL bethal life! god and i used to sooo look up to that place,

    i think somewhere inside the child in me still has those romantic illusions of the HQ, but thankfully, threads like this are helping to shatter them and help me face the facts more and more so i can get on with living a life in this the real world,

    im looking forward to reading more posts and gaining more courage and strenght from them,

    good to be on here

    breathing (another fader, anonymous one!! still have elderly family in that were brought up in it from babes, so am prepared to keep anonymous till they pass over)

  • cofty

    Hi Breathing, welcome glad your here

  • Podobear

    A warm embrace Breathing! You and me both. In my case, my departure caused such a deep wound in my already divided family, I too kept quiet. It has taken me many years to find my feet. You will find a broad spectrum of the disenchanted here. In rainbow terms, ranging from calm greens to firey reds.. as I found out almost immediately.

    Stick with it and those who share your experiences and thoughts will come forward and reason with you. There are some brilliant posters here. Enjoy!

    Have you any thoughts on the subject of the Mill Hll 4 and the reason for their disfellowshipping? A penny (or a dime if you are from the U.S) for your thoughts.

  • breathing

    its seems they are vigilant about any men in authority that give a whiff of any "independant thinking" and just want to get rid,

    what shocks me even now is that i thought i was brought up in a loving religion and yet when something doesnt go word for word as they want it too, then even the most "loving" jw will turn into a smiling assassin, like a psychopathic killer, smiling as they stick the knife in, in that cold blank eyed kind of way.

    its interesting to me that they didnt diss the wives, when i was having doubts and studying to try to get rid of them (and just increased them more and more) i was never threatended with dissing overtly,(though i realised if id actually told them my conclusions i would hav been) god they really do see woman as utterly power less and non entities eh!!

    i dont really have a lot to say on the doctrine stuff as im all "doctrined out" i spent so much of my life worrying about meanings and interpretations, that now theres nothing i like to do more than just look to nature and beauty in wildlife, no words to worry about just a great awe feeling of gratitude to be alive, ive never felt more spiritual than i do these days, and with no study book in site!

  • Chalam

    Welcome breathing!

    Don't worry about doctrine, there is only one you need to get right and the rest fall into place 1 Corinthians 3:11 Ephesians 2:20 :)

    John 1:1 (New International Version)

    The Word Became Flesh
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Blessings, Stephen
  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Correctamundo Chalam. That video you posted up is outstanding, I had only vaguely heard of them.

  • Chalam

    I bet they were strangely familiar though! :)

    Here it is again, recommended to all, get the popcorn out.

    Called To Be Free

    So Dave, do you know if anyone posted the latest Revelation program on the web at all?



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