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  • finallysomepride


  • on the rocks
    on the rocks

    After lurking around for many years I am posting for the first time.

    This thread made some really good points.

  • finallysomepride

    on the rocks


  • Podobear

    Greetings for a fellow Newbie on the rocks.. great to be able to express your concerns and feelings isn't it? Seems like the same thoughts on the matter may be running through your head too.. any comments on the topic? Hugs; Podo

  • Chalam

    Welcome on the rocks!



  • quietlyleaving

    Hi on the rocks

    glad you decided to join


  • jookbeard

    welcome OTR

  • on the rocks
    on the rocks

    Thanks evrybody for the warm wel come...I am a fader (a term I picked from this site).

    Even when I was active I was not the thinking type (obviously I was brought up as a JW) so I may not be able to post like most of you do.

    Post the 1994-95 xplanation of the generation I made up my mind....but family and frnds are still in.

    But certainly my life has improved a lot ...I have a good carreer...lots of money and catching up with all the goods things in life which I missed during my teens and 20's.

    Peace,happiness and prosperity evryone.


    These are now off the topic but...

    Aligot ripounsous, RE: Chelsea cong. £62k income

    Fulham, Walham & Sign language congs all still meet at Pond place (Chelsea) and contribute to it's upkeep. The cash is building up in the bank for a rainy day (old kh - will need major refurb at some point in future). There used to be a few pretty wealthy bro's & sis's there (goes with the territory) so doesn't surprise me income is very high.

    Boyzone, RE: P & F Harris in Northwood cong.

    They are still there - pretty much the rock that has held that place together.

    First post - think you guy's & gals are doing a great job.


  • besty

    MMXIV - you have a PM - click the envelope icon in the top right - if the message doesn't display properly first time then click the back button on your browser and try again.

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