Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • Dave Brown
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    the Mill Hill Four

    ROFL! I like it!

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Watch out for that term Apostate quillsky, both Peter and myself have suffered from the cult as much as anyone else, just because we both want to fight back and stick it to them doesn't mean we dont have the sickening feelings still as a hangover of all this.

    I dont accept any Watchtower label they try and stick on me, this insignificant group that go crawling around the streets, calling people Goats and all sorts of nasty epithets, the arrogance and sheer contempt they heap on people is pure poison.

    Peter and I are fortunate, all we do is to show people that you can shake the scumbags off.

  • Podobear

    Wobble: Thanks matey. I have posted my response to the research you have posted on the thread started by VM44, (cf: Mill Hill 4 - prayer). The subject material seems to be wandering here just a bit.

    Jookbeard: I agree with your sentiments entirely. Fancy a beer sometime with a few others here? It took me two decades to pluck up the courage to join in a discussion group like this. Your comments and that of Quillsky (Ms. Toblerone LOL) are very perseptive. I left for numerous reasons but it was THEY who altered the doctrine I accepted when I submitted to baptism - not me. That is why I do not consider myself an apostate, hold no fixed affiliation, and refuse to be labelled or God slotted.

    As I noted before the style of Mr Brown is typically in the Pentecostal/Evangelical arena. They ripped our wonderful Full Gospel congregation apart and invaded it with Tongues and Healings, frightening off the majority of the members! It was his sort that made me look further and turn to the calm logic of the JW's.

    Mr Brown comes over with blathering histrionics and represents a subset of religious psychosis known as COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

    In my search for reason in the jumble of my own departure I believe I have come across Mr Price - I believe, and will stand corrected, he heads up an Evangelical Outreach Group in Craven Arms Shropshire. If so, I was astounded that a man who claims to be 2nd/3rd generation trained knew so little about what JW's ACTUALLY TAUGHT on his given subject. (In that case it was the Presence and the Coming of Christ). When I gave him the book references to correct the assertions in his recording, he never came back.

    Similarly, an American "Born Again" Christian who claimed to be an exJW, got his facts about Cornelius wrong and tried to justify setting up faith camps for orphaned Iraqi kids after his fellow believers had just helped liquify their parents in the name of George Bush and Jesus Christ!!! When I asked him if Cornelius would obey instructions to put his brothers and sisters to the sword in a Roman Arena, he went off line.

    I have my doubts too. Really, please, can we hear more on the subject of the Mill Hill 4.

    Finally, I would like to pass a tongue in cheek comment to BorgHater. Take it from a former Pentecostal, if you think the JW's have hijacked our minds you have seen nothing yet.

    Perhaps Mr Brown and his colleagues should redub themselves: THE HEROGENS..... be careful ( to quote 7 of 9) they don't have your intestines for a trophy (and your testicles as earrings).

    No doubt Mr Brown will have something to say on that too.

  • jookbeard

    Podobear; would love to do a bear, or a curry sometime, where do you reside? PM me if you don't wish to reveal too much, I live in Sutton, Surrey but spent all of my Dub life in the Wimbledon Cong, was baptized at Hays Bridge in 1986, have not been to a meeting since 1993 where I was D/A'ed in absence by the lying scum of BOE's there. We had a great meet up in November for SweetPea's brief return to the UK in the form of an Apostanoodle in Convent Garden, there has been talk here to do an "Apostacurry" sometime in the Spring, the "ApostaAltonTowers" is going to be out for me though.

    Sadly in my locality all the Dubs I have taken out have had no appetite for any kind of Outreach weather on forums like this or anything else, Besty and Sweetpea were in my families old cong and they had settled down in the USA before we made contact, I briefly met with Larry Grant some years back but his style of Outreach never really appealed, although fair play to his efforts and hard work. In my early years of leaving I met with a fine ex Dub from Morden who would keep me updated with "Comments from the Friends and Bethel Ministries" back and current issues and as much apostate reading matter as I could get my hands on , he moved away.

    Drop us a line.

  • Paulapollos

    Hi Jookbeard,

    I haven't "done one"! I have simply been busy, and I come on here whenever I can!

    As to the reasons for disfellowshipping, the apostasy of the 4 included, among other things, the belief that the body and blood of jesus apply to everyone (in essence, JW's teach that the blood of Jesus applies in a limited way to the "other sheep", while the body does not, even though the WT in 1984, I think, makes a cursuory acknowledgement that they must, but glosses over it) fully, and that, necessarailly, the new covenant is for everyone, everyone should partake of the emblems, and that the works-based salvation of the JW's is not in accord with the "by faith" teachings in the Bible. This was part of the reason for the apostasy charges

    Hope that has answered your questions.

    Love to all


  • jookbeard

    welcome back PaP

  • Paulapollos


    I have just re-read my post, and realised it might sound a little short - apologies, it wasn't meant like that at all my friend.

    Love to you and yours


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Good to see you Paulapollos.

    For some of the others, I'm not a moderator, just a concerned citizen, but could you take your personal grievances out on one another via telephone or Private Messages? I think I can safely say that most of us don't want to hear it.

  • jookbeard

    that's fine PaP !

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