Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • Chalam

    Agreed! I watched the whole 2 hour program last night and found it excellent.

    Great stuff Dave and Peter :)

    Will try and catch the new one this Sunday.

    However, hopefully reachout will post it too?



  • Quillsky

    Does Peter Price post on here?

    I loved the way Dave and Peter's personalitites are so completely different, their reasons for being Witnesses were so different, and yet I recognized in both of them so many people I knew.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Hi Quillsky,

    again thanks for your support, I can't express how greatly appreciated it is by all of us. I don't think Peter posts on here, but you are absolutely right in your observations regarding our personalities, and of course Doug is also a brilliant supportive Brother not just a presenter. And also it does show that those still trapped are not robots.

    I am relieved that having spent 18 years connected to the Borg collective I still have something left to offer. I really feel weird in that those 18 years seem somewhat imaginary now, I feel 35 again not 53,


  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Anyway getting back to the subject how are the Mill Hill people doing?,

  • sacdfan

    Hi Dave,

    I too watched the whole 2 hours on youtube after seeing it posted on here - really excellent. I really admire people like you and Peter who have the guts to go public. I'm a bit of a coward. I still have many close family members trapped in the borg, and I still attend occasional meetings just to keep the lines of communication going, hoping one day I'll be able to reason with them. It breaks my heart that so many intelligent, good people are so controlled by an organisation. Keep up the good work - maybe one day I'll feel brave enough to come on here using my real name.


  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Anyway getting back to the subject how are the Mill Hill people doing?,

    says he after having done his fair share of highjacking

  • cofty

    What happened to Paulapollos?

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    I didn't mean to honestly!, I do however really believe that people that leave the WT easily become isolated when there is no need to be, there are thousands of people in the same boat, and I include all the Cult survivors in that not just JW's, we need to get ourselves in contact with each other and maintain that to fully recover from the trauma of the thing.

    Anyway where are you paulapollos?

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    sadcfan, you are not a coward!, you are doing the best you can in your circumstances, The Lord knows that and that is what counts.

  • Podobear

    Bravo Aligot! Vous avez raison. What has this to do with Mill Hill Disfellowshippings. Fortunately there is another thread that has been started on the subject. I have posted an opinion and am hoping a lively discussion of this subject will follow on.

    A bit deja vu for me. Mr Brown assumes I disapprove of his tactics. A lot of presumption all round really.

    It reminds of the reason why I left our happy Full Gospel (Pentecostal) church to study with the JW's in the first place. Our happy congregation fell apart when the charismatics moved in with Tongues and Healings and started internal bickering and fighting. This explains why the Pentecostal/Evangelical alliances (and the Baptist Union!!) are so splintered and disunited.. and why they are desperate to break into the Unity of the JW's.

    I walked away from my church with the majority of the congregation peacefully, in search of "The Truth". I walked away from the WT peacefully, disillusioned but not aggressive towards any of my fellow believers.

    All the best to those of us that want to be free of all religious Tyrrany and backbiting. May we find our feet again and shake off the dust of despair.

    Looking forward to sharing views on the Mill Hill disfellowshippings with those who want to do so. Kind regards.

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